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    Top 5 Russian Meals to Try

    Definitely one of the best ways to understand the Russian people and way of life (especially in winter) is to try these 5 Russian meals. Every Russian meal makes sense when you experience the environment and will help you understand how Russians can stay so active during the usually lethargic winter months.

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    10 Reasons to Visit KAVARNA

    Bulgarian seaside has much to offer to the eager for sand and sun tourist – beautiful beaches, historical towns, affordable prices and … large crowds in summer. This is especially true in the southern part of the coast line. But not in the North! Those who plan to visit Kavarna and its surroundings have a lot to gain.

  • photographer travels the world - cover

    Photographer Travels the World in Search of the Universal Beauty

    I am always interested and in search of women who travel with purpose; ladies who want not only to see the world but also to change it for better. One such woman is Mihaela Noroc, a photographer who travels the world to capture the universal beauty in its most natural and representative environment.

  • first solo trip

    How to Organize Your First Solo Trip

    How to organize your first solo trip? This step-by-step guide was written to help you plan your trip and more importantly to make you understand that travelling solo as a woman is nothing to be scared of or worried about. This post is the first of series of posts about solo female travel.

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    5 Airport Outfit Ideas for Unpredictable Weather

    The unpredictable weather that often occurs during the spring season makes the goal of stylish travel even more difficult. These are some of my travel outfits that you can use as an inspiration. Follow the rules below and you will always feel beautiful on your travels.

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    Learn from These 8 Countries How to Eat Right

    In every country where I have resided for a long time, I have tried to learn from the local people the best that their culture has to offer. I have mostly appreciated the practical lessons that I have received. And they most often can be expressed through eating and drinking habits…

  • Athens - cover

    7 Reasons Why Athens will always be attractive destination

    If you haven’t been to Athens yet, it is probably time to do so. In addition to the reasons I listed below, I can say that the Greek capital is calm and safe place for travel…

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    13 Ways to be a better traveller & preserve the environment

    On April 22nd we celebrate the Earth Day. To commemorate this date we power off our homes, plant trees, and join community cleanup events … The point is what we can do every day to help preserve the environment and be a good citizen of this planet?…

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    Travel inspired products – why I have created my #WWTcollection

    For the t-shirts and other items in the #WWTcollection I have used photos I have taken in different parts of the world and tried to represent the most special features of the place. For example – the red colors of Morocco and the funny way the Japanese display food…

  • Europe qiotes - cover

    13 Funny and Inspirational Europe quotes

    Europe is continent like no other. In relatively small space one can find so many different cultures, languages, even alphabets, and variety of traditional food; different architectural styles, music, and most important – mentalities and lifestyles …

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    Food & Travel Bloggers Share the Best Gastronomic Destinations

    Foodie or not, it is always pleasure to have a nicely looking and enticingly smelling food at front of you which taste leaves you with a life-long memories. Dig in the world of the best gastronomic destinations!

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    7 Reasons to Visit Ethiopia

    This beautiful and remarkable country should be better known and more visited…

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    You Should Visit Galerie Lafayette at Least Once in Your Life

    Galerie Lafayette is remarkable place, soaked with history, elegance and bourgeois feel. An important part of the French business and fashion culture, there is no doubt why it is named as the second most popular tourist attraction in Paris.

  • travel back in time

    If Only I Could Travel Back in Time!

    Today I wish we could travel back in time. If we could travel back in time, I would have the chance to speak again with my father…

  • Bulgarian Spring Salad

    Bulgarian Spring Salad

    In my country there is a saying: “To grab the green”. Its meaning is that at the time when we can start consuming lettuce (which natural growing period is spring and summer not year round!) the winter is over and with it the abundance of food and happiness begins…

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    9 Simple Ways to Create Travel Inspired Interior

    There are simple ways to make your personal nest imbued with travel memories (or dreams). Use these tips to create unique place that fits your personality perfectly.

  • visiting Sofia_cover


    Sofia is underrated destination. Many travelers come here with the main reason to save money because Bulgaria is one of the most affordable countries in Europe. And when they finally arrive in Sofia they are inevitably surprised by the vivid life and multicultural face of the city.

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    I have been to Kavala few times before. But every time I was passing by without considering it enough interesting to stay for a while and visit its center. As some of you probably read in the past, I am not big fan of Greece. But it looks this is about to change.