• Romantic Museum-Trinidad-cover-photo


    The most beautiful museum in Cuba is the Romantic museum, located right at front of the beautiful Plaza Mayor. Many people see it just like a beautiful house, which it is, and pass by without entering inside this jewelry box…

  • packing-rolling-cover-photo

    PACKING TIP #1: Roll don’t Fold

    For those who still have long road to learn who to pack light and savvy is this new series. The goal of the Packing Master series is at the end of it each of you to feels like packing pro.

  • how-to-protect-your-face-from-sunburn-cover-photo

    How to Protect Your Face from Sunburn While Traveling

    Protecting our skin from the dangerous UV rays is important for long lasting beauty. One of the things that usually happens when we visit new place is to forget our usual beauty routine. In our excitement to embark on a new adventure, we often forget to take care about our main riches – our health…

  • 25-views-from-HAVANA-cover

    25 Views from HAVANA to Inspire Your Wanderlust

    Havana is not just a city but a whole world. Despite that the Valley of Vinales is my favorite place in Cuba, Havana is so abounding with colors, culture and life that one day is not enough to explore it and understand it…

  • pina colada recipe

    Pina Colada Cocktail Recipe

    There is still time to enjoy those summer days (and nights!) when the best spent time is to lay on the beach, sweet talk with friends and sip from the cold, sweaty glass with pina colada. This drink is like a kiss that you will not forget for a long time…

  • easy summer travel style-cover photo

    10 Ideas for Easy Summer Travel Style

    “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”- Leonardo da Vinci …

  • Visiting-Morocco-as-a-female-traveler

    Visiting Morocco as a Female Traveler

    I doubt that there is a woman who doesn’t dream of visiting Morocco…

  • 10_less-known-places-in-south-of-france-cover-photo

    10 Less Known Places in South of France

    France is a popular destination for travelers and Paris is even the most visited city in the world! But France is not only about its chic capital and French Riviera…

  • Japanese_women_cover_photo

    What I Have Learned from the Japanese Women (And You Can Too!)

    What you can learn from the Japanese women? It is one of the countries that can teach you the most!

  • Positelj_cover_photo

    25 Photos to Inspire You to Visit POCITELJ in Bosnia & Herzegovina

    Have you ever heard of POCITELJ? No? What’s so interesting about it, I hear you saying?! Well, here there are – 25 photos to inspire you to visit Pocitelj.

  • 13_facts_Japan_cover_photo

    13 Facts Every Woman Should Know Before Visiting JAPAN

    Japan is a country like no other. Often travelling to Japan can be a real challenge that’s why here are 13 facts that every woman should know before visiting Japan.

  • Vacation_with_baby_on_board_cover_photo

    Baby On Board! Tips for stress-free vacation with kids

    Traveling with baby on board and going on a vacation when you have a little child or a baby, may seem impossible but is quite funny and pleasant if you plan it well and have realistic expectations about it. What do I mean?

  • summer-style-manicure-cover-photo

    Summer Style Manicure

    Summer is the time of flowers, sun, bees and butterflies, strawberries, sea and sand …

  • simple_tricks_for_better_travel_photos

    8 Simple Tricks for Taking Better Travel Photos

    I know many of you are not satisfied with the photographs they make during trips. Bu you can capture in a truly incredible way the beautiful places you visit by just using some simple tricks for taking better travel photos.

  • Rose petals jam recipe

    Rose Petals Jam Recipe

    One of the sweetest ways to taste Bulgaria when traveling in the country is to try homemade rose petals jam. It is typical for Bulgaria because the country is traditional producer of rose oil which is used in the world’s perfume industry. You can use this rose petals jam recipe to make the jam at home.