• Afternoon tea at kensington gardens-cover

    The Famous Afternoon Tea at Kensington Palace – How it Looks Like?

    It was an unbelievably sunny and soft November day in London. It looked like the well known rainy days in grey hues were stories from another life and …

  • unusual places in bulgaria_cover

    See These Unusual Places in Bulgaria Recommended by Bulgarian Travel Bloggers

    Four Bulgarian travel bloggers shared their special, less known places with you and I am sure you will feel touched by the uniqueness of the Bulgarian nature and culture.

  • Le Procope-cover

    LE PROCOPE: Visit the Oldest Restaurant in Paris

    The art in France covers all the aspects of life – music, acting, written word, architecture, fashion, etiquette … and food, of course! There is one place in Paris which incorporates all of these: the oldest, still working restaurant in Paris. Let me introduce you Le Procope.

  • discover_London

    10 Original Ways to Discover LONDON

    As every curious person you probably try to see a place with different eyes, from different perspective. Here are few original ways to help you discover London, the busy, roaring capital, which is most probably the most varied city, in terms of human factor, megalopolis in Europe.

  • tv-series-travel

    12 TV Series for People Who Love Travel

    A person can travel in many different ways. Often the only tool you need is your imagination. The tv series listed below are some of my favorite and when watching them I find my mind wandering in faraway places, dreaming of ‘what could be to be there’.

  • 10 essentials for autumn travel in europe-cover

    10 Essentials for Autumn Travel in Europe

    Imagine yourself walking on the London Bridge, having coffee at Trafalgar Square or posing for selfie at front of the London Eye. It sounds exciting, right? It’s what I probably will do next week while I am visiting London…

  • The Best kept secret of Amsterdam-cover

    One of the Best Kept Secrets of Amsterdam – in 33 Awesome Photos

    One of the coolest places in Amsterdam and big surprise for me in this city of bicycles and stoned people was Artis Zoo. It is located conveniently in the heart of the city and it is well governed and displays great variety of animal species in very natural habitats.

  • purse organizers-cover

    The One Item You Need to Make Your Purse Look Better

    I’m not a backpack gal. Instead I use over sized purses for my travels. They are large enough to accommodate my Canon camera and all other items I may need for the day or the flight and still look enough good to make me feel stylish.

  • visit sicily as a woman-cover

    How it Feels to Visit SICILY as a Woman

    Recently an acquaintance asked me whether it is worth visiting Sicily. Someone told her that is dirty and chaotic… It’s like I was listening to the arguments of the Italians from the north! …

  • moroccan riads

    The Best of Morocco – is the Unique Stay in Authentic Riads

    For me, the riads are one of the best reasons person should visit Morocco. It is one experience you will find nowhere else. And hopefully for us, the travelers, many of these traditional houses are turned to guest houses…

  • Pinar_del_Rio_cover

    30 photos to show you Pinar Del Rio is the place to see the Real Cuba

    While Cuba becomes much more accessible for tourists from all over the world and its authenticity will start to fade with the masses of tourists, there are still places that keep this untouched and absolutely authentic mix of Caribbean roots and Communist reality.

  • 5 Places in Marrakech_cover

    5 Astonishing Places You Would Like to Know in Marrakech

    My heart stayed in Marrakech. My wish is one day to go back and to embrace again its imperial glory and oriental colors and aromas for at least one week. Because one-two days are not enough to dive deep and feel the real Marrakech – the city of kings and French movies stars…

  • cover

    The Truth: 10 reasons WHY YOU CAN’T TRAVEL CONSTANTLY

    If you follow travel bloggers and read often articles about travel, you may have the impression that most of them are travelling all the time and never stop. You probably think that they achieved the “nomadic lifestyle” for which you dream so much…

  • travel_cosmetic_containers_cover

    How to Downsize Packing with Travel Cosmetic Containers

    The art of packing is no difficult matter. With the time and right advises you find the best formula that works for you. Many ladies limit their cosmetic products while on the road and use just few basic products. Others, like me, can’t give up of their usual beauty routine…

  • Untitled design

    The Ethiopian Story of the Remarkable Fratello Angelo

    From a very long time I wanted to share his story because there are very few people in this world like Fratello Angelo from the Catholic mission in Wukro, Ethiopia. And I hope all of you will have the honor to meet one person like him in your lives…

  • Free_of_charge_museums_in_London

    How to Save Money: The Best Free of Charge Museums in LONDON

    London is famous among other things, with its numerous free of charge museums. There are 45 museums (!!!) that you can visit for free, most of them are open 7 days a week, including public holidays…

  • Packing_tip_packing_lists

    The Packing List That Will Save You Bunch of Time

    Travel is wonderful but you need good preparation. Use packing lists for better organization and be ready on time for your adventures!

  • Expat_life_cover

    How Expat Life Changes You in Sensational Ways

    What it is to be an expat and why the expat life changes you so much? Well, I can speak only from my own experiences…

  • PLOVDIV_cover

    17 Reasons to Visit PLOVDIV

    To understand Bulgaria you HAVE TO spend some time in Plovdiv, its old but also new cultural capital and one of the oldest cities in world…

  • Packing tip #3-Pack easy to dry clothes-cover photo

    Why Packing Easy to Dry Clothes is Actually the Ultimate Packing Tip

    To choose your clothes for a trip is already difficult for a woman (at least for me it is) but choosing clothes that dry easily… This is not an easy task! …