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    7 Ideas about Travel to Stockholm

    If you wish to travel to Stockholm in the future, this collaborative post will help you see the city in an original, more personal way. With my fellow travel bloggers that I met during the TBEX conference in Stockholm (see photos from the event on my Instagram account) we gathered ideas for more unusual, less popular places, or details that most people don’t see…

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    How to Book Quickly and Easily Hotel Online

    When planning a trip, one of the difficult parts is to find the best hotel online. There are so many options, sites, and types of accommodations that we often feel overwhelmed. My experience and knowing exactly what I want helps me book quickly and easily hotel rooms online. In today’s post, I share my tips how to do this using Booking.com…

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    Countryside travel is one of my favorite ways of exploring the countries I visit. I guess it is the same for you. My trip to Sigtuna was short and amorous. I felt instantly in love with the water view, the colorful street filled with tiny shops, and most of all – the feel of an old and somewhat mysterious place.

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    5 Principles of Healthy Eating on the Road

    One of the most difficult aspects of the female travel is to stay in good fit and keep a relatively healthy diet. Often it seems impossible – we want to taste all these delicious local foods and we think: – if not now, when? But these are the 5 simple rules I try to follow for healthy eating on the road. If followed strictly, they can help you fight gaining weight and staying true to the real needs of your body.

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    Fjord Hotel Norway: Fjaerland Fjordstue

    I left Bergen with a feel of sweet anticipation. After hiking Preikestolen and visiting Bergen and its surroundings, my next stop would be one of the highlights of this two weeks solo trip around Norway. To stay in a fjord hotel in Norway, in a place which is as much as possible remote, was one of my dreams…

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    Packing List Solo Travel Norway

    I know one of the most difficult parts of the travel is to pack properly – to minimize your luggage volume and weight while not compromising the comfort and your needs. This packing list solo travel Norway post contains exactly what I had with me for the two weeks travel in the Scandinavian country…

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    6 Cities to Visit in Norway

    I visited these cities during my two weeks trip in Norway. As the country is one of the most expensive destinations in Europe, I guess you may prefer to shorten your tour. Chose from these cities or go and see them all!

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    Offroad Adventure with Land Rover in Bulgaria

    This wasn’t a usual family weekend. An offroad adventure with Land Rover is never ‘usual’, especially when shared with our friends from Land Rover Enthusiasts – Bulgaria.

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    9 Best Ways To Make Friends When Traveling Solo

    There’s a certain misconception about solo traveling that forces people to believe that once you hit the road solo, you’ll be doomed to spend the rest of your trip “forever alone”. This is simply not true. In fact, when you travel alone, you’re more inclined to meet new people since you’re not glued to your travel partner and are free to make spontaneous acquaintances. But how exactly do you make those?

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    Tattoo Designs for Travel Lovers

    These tattoo designs for travel are the most common but for a reason. Simple and with clear meaning, they are beautiful in their simplicity. Of course, you can change their look but the symbolic behind each of these tattoo designs for travel will be always the same. Read more to understand what …

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    Fjaerland, Norway – The Most Magical Place in Pictures

    To reach Fjaerland isn’t easy. The journey might take all day and requires a use of several modes of transport. But when, at the end of this long day, you finally arrive in the small village modestly occupying several hills in the valley of the largest glacier in Europe, your heart will stop beating. And you will ask yourself: “How can this place really exist?”

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    Best White Dresses to Wear This Summer

    Some of the top fashion bloggers show us how to dress like ladies while exploring the world and enjoying the summer to the fullest.

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    Travel in Couple: How to Deal with the Challenges

    Did you ever thought about travel in couple for a long period of time? Do you think that this can be challenging for both your personalities and the welfare of your couple?

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    Top 5 Russian Meals to Try

    Definitely one of the best ways to understand the Russian people and way of life (especially in winter) is to try these 5 Russian meals. Every Russian meal makes sense when you experience the environment and will help you understand how Russians can stay so active during the usually lethargic winter months.

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    10 Reasons to Visit KAVARNA

    Bulgarian seaside has much to offer to the eager for sand and sun tourist – beautiful beaches, historical towns, affordable prices and … large crowds in summer. This is especially true in the southern part of the coast line. But not in the North! Those who plan to visit Kavarna and its surroundings have a lot to gain.

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    Photographer Travels the World in Search of the Universal Beauty

    I am always interested and in search of women who travel with purpose; ladies who want not only to see the world but also to change it for better. One such woman is Mihaela Noroc, a photographer who travels the world to capture the universal beauty in its most natural and representative environment.

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    How to Organize Your First Solo Trip

    How to organize your first solo trip? This step-by-step guide was written to help you plan your trip and more importantly to make you understand that travelling solo as a woman is nothing to be scared of or worried about. This post is the first of series of posts about solo female travel.

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    5 Airport Outfit Ideas for Unpredictable Weather

    The unpredictable weather that often occurs during the spring season makes the goal of stylish travel even more difficult. These are some of my travel outfits that you can use as an inspiration. Follow the rules below and you will always feel beautiful on your travels.