• family camping tips and tricks

    5 Family Camping Tips & Tricks You Wish You Knew Earlier

    Family camping tips and tricks you wish you knew earlier, because family travel can be chalenging and stressful when you’re not prepared!

  • how travel improves your life

    How Travel Improves Your Life – Lessons from Different Countries Around the World

    Travel improves your life in many ways. Some of the benefits of travelling the world are that you become more adaptable and learn to deal with unexpected obstacles; becoming less judgemental; the most important of all – you gain independence and confidence. But countries also teach us a lot…

  • Ways to Convince Your Partner to Travel with You

    Have an Unadventurous Partner? 5 Ways to Convince Your Partner to Travel with You

    If you’ve got a heart that was meant to see the world, but your partner would rather cozy up at home, it can cause significant friction in a relationship. Here are a few ways to convince your partner to travel with you.

  • making the most of your vacation in Spain

    Making the Most of Your Vacation in Spain

    In Spain, the vibrant cities contrast with sleepy villages, green hills and vast volcanic fields. The country offers a range of activities and it is next to impossible to enjoy everything. This is why we made this list to help you make the most of your vacation in Spain.

  • 5 places to visit in Tunisia-cover

    5 Places to Visit in TUNISIA

    As the country is recovering from the huge drop and expected to increase its tourist flow in 2018, this travel-inspiring blog post features 5 of the best places to visit in Tunisia.

  • tips for camping for female travelers

    5 Tips for Camping for Female Travelers

    There are a few things you need to do for making sure your time outdoors is well spent. In this article on tips for camping for female travelers, we will highlight some of them.

  • Comfortable and Warm Shoes for Cold Weather Travel

    Comfortable and Warm Shoes for Cold Weather Travel

    Now is the time to take advantage of the discounts and get some comfortable and warm shoes for cold weather travel. Aren’t you happy when you can snap a deal? And even happier when your feet are feeling well during the long hours of walking and you can enjoy the refreshing winter trips without getting cold?

  • cities of eastern europe to visit

    Capitals of Eastern Europe to Visit

    In the past few years, this part of Europe became more popular and is on the travel bucket list of many people. As a person born and bred here, I understand why. It surprises with history and culture but also gives its visitors a sense of safety and a glimpse of what is to be part of one of the most cosmopolite parts of the world. On a relatively small territory, you will find so many countries. And although their cuisine and language are very similar, are different in terms of mentality and lifestyle. The best way to sample most of these similarities and differences is to visit the capitals of Eastern Europe.

  • less touristy things to do in Sydney

    The Non-Touristy Things to Do in Sydney

    Sydney, Australia, is a very popular destination for both domestic and international visitors. Many articles have been written and I’m sure you all know about the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Bondi Beach and Manly Beach. As I spent 3 weeks in this beautiful city and had contact with many local people, I could build experience and share it with you in this article on the non-touristy things to do in Sydney.

  • why hostels are bad

    Why Are Hostels Bad? The Hateful Way to Save Money

    I know that many people like the hostel culture and prefer to stay in hostels when travelling. I understand that many of them do so to save money. But also that for many others, especially when travelling solo,  it is an easier way to meet other travellers. However, I am one of those who does not like hostels and even…

  • vegan snakc ideas for picnics

    Day Trips Vegan Snack Ideas

    These day trips vegan snack ideas can be used by both – vegans and people who are not vegans or vegetarians but want to take time to clean their systems from slags and toxins. This is especially recommended in the spring months.

  • shoes for women travelers-cover


    One of the biggest concerns of women travelers is the comfort. It is important to feel well in order to enjoy fully your travel experience. Women travelers, however, are careful about their looks too…

  • Australian visa information

    You Want to Go to Australia? These Are Your Visa Options

    This post is to introduce you to the complex Australian visas system and provides a generalized information. You might need more detailed information or a professional help to decide what Australian visa options best suits your case.

  • Sydney photo diary

    Sydney Photo Diary

    For years, I was dreaming about coming to Australia and wandering around its so different and vast landscapes and lifestyles. This is my Sydney photo diary for the first week of my stay here.

  • what to do in Havana fo a day

    What to Do In Havana for a Day

    What to do in Havana for a day? One day is not enough to go deeper and experience the Cuban life truly but it is certainly sufficient to get Havana under your skin.

  • old pub ireland

    An Accidental Visit to the Most Interesting Kilkenny Old Pub

    It was a beautiful October day in Ireland. My friend and I arrived in Kilkenny and were eager to explore its Medieval Mile, Castle, and of course to taste the Kilkenny beer in some old pub…

  • visit Gudeloupe

    Dreaming of the Hypnotic Caribbean? Why Not Visit Guadeloupe!

    Guadeloupe has been on my radar ever since I watched the tv series Death in Paradise. The French Antilles are one part of the Caribbean that is extraordinary because of the mix between French, Creole and East Indian cultures. It’s a heavenly-looking part of the world with a vibrant way of life that can be felt easily in the everyday life and on the streets…

  • Seattle must see landmarks

    Seattle Must See Landmarks and Attractions

    Seattle, the city of Boeing and Microsoft, the Gold Rush and Starbucks, doesn’t sound as a destination that must be visited. Not to the international visitors anyway. We all dream about New York, Grand Canyon or Miami. But often the less-popular tourist destinations are the ones that surprise us. These Seattle must see landmarks and attractions prove that the city is an intriguing and diverse universe of activities where everyone will find something to enjoy and remember.