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    Travel Articles via Email – Yes, I’m Quitting the ‘Social’ Media

    After 6 years of travel blogging and “influencing” people on social media, I have decided to drastically change the way I do things. To go back to the beginning, where my travel writing started. Emailing. Sending personal, informative, amusing, provocative and questioning travel articles via email to my readers. Instead of sharing Insta-worthy images of a perfect world that does not exist. Will you accompany me on this voyage?

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    Visit Mirepoix – the French Hippie Capital

    Mirepoix is one of these places you rarely hear about if you are not a local. The heavily marketed Paris, Mount Michel and Loire Valley castles don’t leave it a chance. This is the good thing about the French hippie capital, it is not a tourist town…

  • why become expat woman

    Going Expat: Why Women Choose to Work and Live Abroad?

    In this article, I wanted to explore the question “Why women become expats?” as I know from personal experience how hard it is to cut the cord with everything familiar and live in a new place. Read what several women share about their lives as expats.

  • Exploring East London

    Exploring East London – Tales of a Solo Female Traveller

    Exploring East London and getting up close with its people, best coffee shops and industrial-chic buildings was full of emotions (and sleepless nights) experience. 

  • kilkenny old pub - cover

    An Accidental Visit to the Most Interesting Kilkenny Old Pub

    The Irish town of Kilkenny has a variety of experiences to offer to its visitors. The best known are the Medieval Mile and Kilkenny Castle (one of the castles in Ireland that must be visited!). However, Kilkenny has another, quirkier side – its old pubs. The discovery of this Kilkenny old pub by me and my friend was a pure case of serendipity!  

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    6 Cities to Visit in Norway

    I visited these cities during my two weeks solo trip in Norway. As the country is one of the most expensive destinations in Europe, I guess you may prefer to shorten your tour. Chose from these cities or go and see them all!

  • best romantic riads in Morocco

    20 Moroccan Riads for a Romantic Getaway

    Enjoy the well-renowned Moroccan hospitality and choose one or more of the traditional Moroccan riads for a romantic getaway!…

  • female travel tips for central australia

    Female Travel Tips for Visiting Central Australia

    Central Australia is not your usual out-of-the-beaten path destination. With its capital, Alice Springs, named as one of the most remote cities in the world, to travel here isn’t a joke, especially for a woman. These female travel tips will make your trip easier and, honestly, less dangerous…     

  • expat life in Ethiopia - interview

    Life of an Expat: My Experience in Mekelle, Ethiopia

    Leaving your home is not easy. Living in a foreign country even more difficult. What it is to live as an expat in Ethiopia – interview about my experience in Mekelle, Ethiopia.

  • reasons to visit Vienna in December

    5 Reasons to Visit Vienna in December

    Christmas is a favourite holiday for most of us. Here are five reasons why one should go at least once in the Austrian capital Vienna in December. In many cases, after the first visit in the month of December, people return every year in Vienna.

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    Maldives Islands and More – What You Should Know as a Woman

    What do you imagine when you think of the Maldives Islands? Do you think of exquisite luxury travel style that you believe is unattainable to you? As it came out, it is not such an impossible dream. Read the tips of our contributor Jana who recently came back from the Maldives and shares her experience in order you can travel to this dreamy destination it as well.

  • Things to Do in Alice Springs and Central Australia

    Things to Do in Alice Springs and Central Australia

    If you want to see the ‘real’ Australia, you must include a visit to its Red Centre on your Australian itinerary… Alice Springs is the capital of Central Australia, and it is (almost) the geographical centre of the country…

  • events and festivals in Europe to travel for

    5 Events Worth Travelling For In Europe

    Festivals, sporting events, cultural and holiday celebrations…. All of these can transform a place such that whether it’s an ordinary or extraordinary one, it becomes more fun one to visit. Here are five events worth travelling for in Europe…

  • Chateau du Vau hotel reviw

    Chateau du Vau Hotel Review

    Chateau du Vau is a small, rural hotel in France. It can be described also as a guest house born from one of the bourgeois houses inhabiting this part of the country…

  • family camping tips and tricks

    5 Family Camping Tips & Tricks You Wish You Knew Earlier

    Family camping tips and tricks you wish you knew earlier, because family travel can be chalenging and stressful when you’re not prepared!

  • Ways to Convince Your Partner to Travel with You

    5 Ways to Convince Your Partner to Travel with You

    If you’ve got a heart that was meant to see the world, but your partner would rather cozy up at home, it can cause significant friction in a relationship. Here are a few ways to convince your partner to travel with you.

  • making the most of your vacation in Spain

    Making the Most of Your Vacation in Spain

    In Spain, the vibrant cities contrast with sleepy villages, green hills and vast volcanic fields. The country offers a range of activities and it is next to impossible to enjoy everything. This is why we made this list to help you make the most of your vacation in Spain.

  • 5 places to visit in Tunisia-cover

    5 Places to Visit in TUNISIA

    As the country is recovering from the huge drop and expected to increase its tourist flow in 2018, this travel-inspiring blog post features 5 of the best places to visit in Tunisia.