10 Essentials for Autumn Travel in Europe

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Imagine yourself walking on the London Bridge, having coffee at Trafalgar Square or posing for selfie at front of the London Eye. It sounds exciting, right? It’s what I probably will do next week while I am visiting London. But this trip makes me thinking – how I should dress up, what I should pack to keep me warm and healthy in the November days. I know, London in autumn can be quite foggy and rainy. That’s why while preparing my luggage, I made a list of 10 essentials for autumn travel in Europe that can (and should!) keep me (and you too) far from getting sick and help me adjust better to the humid weather conditions.

  • Hat

Take a brim hat with you. Brim hat is stylish, gives you a sparkle of style and keeps you from the rain drops that are often falling in this time of the year. There are different styles and colors of brim hats, chose the best fit for you, something that compliments your skin color and face shape.

  • Scarf

One of the best accessories in the lady’s wardrobe, the scarf gives you individuality and protects you from the cold. Follow the example of the classic elegant French women and chose good quality scarf that will fit all your outfits during the trip. The best choice for material is between cashmere and cotton. Focus your choice on scarf in neutral tones.

  • Black leather jacket

Black leather jacket is classic. Depending on its model and how you combine your whole outfit, you can use it even for business meetings. From my side, the best feature of this garment is that adheres well to your body and you can dress another layer on it – such as poncho.  This makes it easy to remove layers if you need to.

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  • Vitamins

Do I need to explain why they are essential? I don’t think so. Prepare some tablets of multivitamins in quantity just enough for your trip. Fruits and veggies are good but not enough. Better supplement your immune system with some additional weapon. Prevention is everything when it is about health.

5-umbrella-essentials for autumn travel in europe

  • Umbrella

The umbrella is essential for autumn travel especially for European destinations like London and Amsterdam. If possible, bring with you travel size umbrella. And even go further – invest in good quality travel size umbrella, it will serve you many years and will resist all the strong winds and heavy rains that you may have during your travel adventures.  

essentials for autumn travel in europe

  • Nourishing night cream or deeply hydrating mask

     Prevention is an important word also when talking about beauty. With the cold and wet weather comes the dry and cracked skin. The best you can do for you is to change your summer routine and buy nourishing night cream that will help your skin face recover easily. From time to time you can also use deeply hydrating face mask which will restore the lost hydro balance.  Don’t forget your hands too. Their skin is the most exposed part of your body and you can see the damages the different climates leave on them.   

  • Tablets for first aid against cold and flu

Have these with you and take them after long wet and cold day when you feel cold and have fever. Treating the first symptoms will help you recover fast and enjoy your trip fully. Often is not bad idea to use some local traditional medicine methods. I remember how Ukrainians cure strong cold – vodka mixed with ground black pepper. Believe me, it works and as we say in my country – it can bring back even the dead!  

8-ankle boots

  • Ankle boots

Good pair of ankle boots is your best friends in autumn travel. This is for two reasons. First, it will protect your feet from the rainwater in the streets, will keep them warm and saved from the wind. But pay attention – I am speaking about good quality, leather shoes. Don’t make compromises with the quality of your shoes; they are important for keeping you healthy and comfortable every day.

9-weather app

  • Weather app

If you use smart phone you probably have one already. Don’t forget to check your application in advance for the weather conditions during your trip, in this way you will be always prepared and will not get cold or sick. But moreover, being informed will help you in packing only items that you will really need.

ginger candies-autumn travel essentials

  • Ginger candies

I discovered the existence of these last winter. They are made of natural ingredient and keep all the good benefits of ginger but in a more practical for transportation form. 2 – 3 pieces of these per day are enough to boost your immune systems together with the vitamins. You have two options – you can find them in the shops or to make them at home. I personally buy them from my local veggies shop. You can see how to make your candied ginger HERE.

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