10 Popular EUROPEAN Destinations Still Worth Visiting

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Europe is the most visited continent and the dream of many travelers. Why is that? Well, to start we should remember that the modern history was build here where science and culture were developed at high levels. This said, we should not lay on the past. Now Europe is a home of many countries with diverse culture, one of them being my small homeland. Each of these countries has particular history and mentality. The distances between each are not large and the travel time is relatively short. The borders at many places are open and the languages start to mix. Probably because of that many Europeans know enough words in different languages to order their cappuccino in Italy or croissant in France.

Millions of people visit Europe every year. Many places are overcrowded and honestly unpleasant to visit, especially in summer. This was my experience last year in the Versailles Palace.  Definitely August is not the best period to visit Paris! But despite the popularity of the European destinations, the inconvenience of fighting with the tourist masses and sometimes paying higher entrance fees to see these popular European destinations, many of them still worth visiting.



The old lady with refreshed face (at least it is how I saw it), start suffering from the tourist masses arriving at her pier. It is said that the city is sinking but I hope this will not happen any time soon because it is incredibly impressive to see how people can live in and around the water canals, to observe the unique lifestyle of the Venetians and look at the amazing architecture, created during hundreds of years of wealth.



Munich is a home of BMW Museum & Welt where you can see not only the old stylish models but also the newest models of Mini Cooper. I am desperately in love with the Mini Cooper S series since I had spent half day in the place. But Munich is not only about that. It is modern city vibrating from international life but keeping its traditional food and beer at really high levels. The most popular point at the beautiful city center is Marienplatz and the nearest Bavarian castle is Nymphenburg.


  1. PARIS

“Paris is always good idea.” I totally agree. I don’t know from where to start – from the Parisian bistros, cafes, streets, art museums or flower shops… Everything in Paris is unique, enchanting and …well, somehow chic.  Some of my favorite places in Paris include Le Marais, Galeries Lafayette and the passages.



Eating at Borough Market, having afternoon tea or exploring the numerous museums with free entrance, there is always something to do in London, even in the grey, rainy days. London Eye is a must because of the good view but you can skip State Modern, in my opinion. Instead, take one whole day for visiting the British Museum, there is so much to see in it! 



Dubrovnik is the most popular destination in Croatia and place used for filming Game of Thrones. Although I will not recommend more than a day in the city (too expensive and too crowded in the summer) it is definitely something that have to be seen. Its typical white stone city walls and blue sea water make it unique in the world. Oh, yeah, it is favorite port for the yacht owners all over the world too.



Vienna is elegant and sophisticated city, home of some of the most important classic musicians in the European history. It is famous with its culture and quality of life. No need to mention the kindness of the Viennese people and the taste of the famous Viennese coffee. You can have one (together with the famous chocolate cake Sachertorte) at Café Sacher where probably you will need to wait for a table as it is always crowded. And, yes, try to go to Vienna during the Christmas markets period, it is one of a kind experience!



Even if I don’t like going to Greece I have to admit, Athens is a place that have to be seen. One of the oldest cities in the world, it hides under its streets the beginning of many significant for the human history sciences.  As many years ago a tour guide told me, wherever you try to dig in Athens you will always find history. Apart the historical and cultural importance, the city has warm climate that makes it great winter destination as well.



Some people say that Amsterdam is a city of sins, but I would say that it is a place where limits are extended. Even if there are ‘coffee’ shops not selling coffee but marijuana, and the Red Light district is well established ‘entertainment’ area, everything else in this city is normal. There are no conflicts between the ‘sins’ and the ‘normal’ life here. For me it is more a city of families with young children, urban lifestyle that works at slower pace than many other large cities in Europe and most of all – a place where you feel safe, in spite of its image.  



There is no more cosmopolite place in Europe than Istanbul, a corner of the world where the East and the West, Europe and Asia are greeting each other. The mixture of Christian and Muslim religions that you can see in many places here is incredible. My favorite place in Istanbul – St Sophia church, known as Hagia Sophia, is an example of the city’s history in terms of architecture and religion. It is fascinating to see Christian frescoes and Muslim medallions in the same, sacred for both religions place.



Amazing architecture, bubbling art life, and enticing food are just a few of the reasons that attract people to visit one of the largest European cities. Start your walk from the Madrid’s heart – Puerta del Sol, where people are gathering all year round. The place looks especially festive in the period of Christmas celebrations. It is an easy ride from the airport too, so if you have just a few hours in Madrid take the chance to know it.

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