10 Reasons to Visit KAVARNA

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Land of Wild Peonies, Kayaking adventures & Lovely People

Bulgarian seaside has much to offer to the eager for sand and sun tourist – beautiful beaches, historical towns, affordable prices and … large crowds in summer. This is especially true in the southern part of the coast line. But not in the North! Those who plan to visit Kavarna and its surroundings have a lot to gain. The destination is out of the beaten track and because of its amazing sea views and wild nature it is favorite part of the Black Sea coast for many people who want to stay away from the highly commercialized southern coast.

At first sight the town does not look anything more than the usual Bulgarian seaside towns. But when you get to know it better, the unpolished beauty of this Bulgarian gem begins to shine at front of your eyes.

1 – Visit Kavarna Because of Its Amazing Coastal Walks

Thanks to the less developed tourism industry, the area around the town of Kavarna has some of the most beautiful wild nature on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The national reserve Yailata offers quite various entertainments – more than 100 caves and one rock-hewn church can be seen here; beautiful coastal walks suitable for people from all ages; enjoying the blossom of the red colored wild peonies (the fernleaf peony is a protected species); observing more than 178 bird species… You can easily spend a day (and more) wandering in the wilderness, taking the time to make beautiful photos, breathing the clear air with a salty flavor and enjoying the peaceful environment.

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2 – Visit Kavarna Because of the Great Photoshoot Spots

It is difficult to walk in Yailata National Reserve or Cape Kaliakra and to stay impartial to the beauty around you. The rocky coast in this region has a variety of the relief that cannot be seen in the other parts of the Bulgarian seaside.

The wild peonies are in blossom in spring. If you want to see the fernleaf peonies that are endangered species, better be in the region of Kavarna mid April. However, the wild hardwood peony, which existence is not endangered, is equality beautiful and can be seen in its full loveliness at the beginning of May. These two flowers are of course beautiful in themselves, but in a middle of the steppe vegetation, typical for this region, they look like small fires in a large green sea.

There is no doubt why this place is one of the favorite places for photo shoots of the Bulgarian photographers. Between gorgeous sunsets, wide sea views, rocky formations and rich flora and fauna, the inspiration is endless.

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3 – Visit Kavarna and Its Hidden Caves

The number of the human-hand carved caves in the reserve Yailata is amazing! 101 dwellings, either single or grouped in complexes, were discovered. They have been used as “apartments”, churches or monasteries during different historical periods. Ancient people used the rock cavities carved by the natural forces by transferring them to more livable spaces.

In our days many of them can be visited. You will see the traces from fireplaces in the rocks, different niches that had different purposes. It is easy to imagine how these wet, cold caves where used for homes.  The caves are situated on different levels but those found on the edge of the cliffs have the best view and open to the sea terraces. The visit of some of caves is real adventure as it requires climbing up and down the steep cliffs.

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4 – Visit Kavarna and See the Interesting Rock Formations at Sunset

Tyulenovo is a village situated at around 20 km from Kavarna. The rocky shore at Tyulenovo is breathtaking at sunset. The rocks have the rust color that contrasts in a beautiful way with the aquamarine color of the sea. This is another perfect spot, like Yailata, for taking pictures, having picnic or just finding peace in this busy world.

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5 – Visit Kavarna and Learn Beautiful Legends

Cape Kaliakra is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bulgaria. But behind its popularity stands dark and yet beautiful legend that the local people cherish as it reminds them of their national identity.

The silent sea and the beautiful cape were witness of this story, sad but also fascinating story.

The most famous legend about Cape Kaliakra is about the 40 lasses which the Turks wanted to convert to Islam. The girls escaped to the cape led by the beautiful Kaliakra and decided to jump into the sea and end their lives but not be captivated by the Turks. To prevent anyone from giving up in the face of the death, they braided their hairs together, jumped into the sea and saved their honour.

6 – Visit Kavarna and Stay at Guest Houses that Feel Like Home

Local people love their land and are proud of their history. They love showing and sharing this piece of heaven with every visitor. The guest houses are family owned and are managed with so much love that the places inevitably feel as you are at home. The friendly and welcoming owners of these guest houses united their efforts for popularising the region but also improving the quality of the tourist services by establishing the Tourist Association ‘Kavarna’.

The members of the Kavarna tourist association are people who do their business with passion and love, respect for their clients and are ready to welcome everyone as a member of the family.

One lovely place to enjoy your summer vacation is Levana Guest House, a place with a lot of charm, beautiful garden, history and cozy feel. The guest house is located in the village of Bulgarevo at 7 km from Kavarna and nearby the beaches of Zelenka, Bolata and Rusalka.

6-1 Visit Kavarna Guest Houses

Levana Guest House


Guest House Nash Dom

7 – Visit Kavarna and Learn the Intriguing History of the Region

Bulgaria is a country rich of history. The region of Dobrudzha/or Dobrudja/ is not an exception. Ancient Byzantine, Venetian and Western European coins that were found here illustrate the economic and political contacts the region had in the past.

In the restored Turkish bath located next to the Historical Museum you can see the maritime exposition ‘Dobrudzha and the Sea’ showing the seafaring history and culture of this region.

You can also learn about the Bulgarian history in an engaging audio-visual way in the tourist center ‘Ongal’.

8 – Visit Kavarna and Join Sea Kayaking Tour

For those searching active adventures Kavarna and the region have the best to offer. You can take a kayaking tour and enjoy the beautiful coastline otherwise inaccessible by land.  While following the curves of the coastline, you can see cormorant settlements, sea caves and if you are lucky enough even dolphins.

The tours usually start from the Bolata Beach, a bay in the shape of a horseshoe that hosts also more than 150 bird species for rest and meals during their migration trips from and to North Africa. You can start your day on the cliff above the beach by watching the sunrise.

Except Black Sea kayaking, you can join off-road tours, boat tours, bike tours, climbing, archery and so much more!

For having truly unique experience, contact directly the experienced and trustworthy instructor at Sea Kayaking Bulgaria.

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9 – Visit Kavarna and Taste the Delicious Seafood

Kavarna is a small town but have quite good choice of eateries. To have a dinner in a traditional setting and take part in Bulgarian folk dances, go to Saint George. For more quiet setting, enjoy meal at Guest House Nash Dom. Both places offer hotel rooms as well. For food and partying (as well as for accommodation) you can go to Central Park.

To have more than just a meal, visit Kavarna in the beginning of September to attend the Fish and Mussels Festival when local and international chefs show their culinary skills.

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10 –  Visit Kavarna and Attend Various Festivals

Folklore, rock, mussels …. You have a choice. Kavarna is named the rock music capital of Bulgaria. For many years now, international rock music festival takes place in this small sea town. Renowned musicians and rock bands like Manowar, Alice Cooper, Scorpions, Europe, Dio, Whitesnake and Deep Purple participated to the festival in the past. It is amazing to imaging how this small provincial town changes during the Rock fever and bursts at the seams with musicians and rock lovers of all ages.

‘With Bulgaria in the Heart’ is another festival that deserves your attention. Every year at the beginning of May youth folk groups from countries like Ukraine and Moldova come here to show their Bulgarian heritage. The colorful, lively atmosphere cannot leave anyone dispassionate. See for yourself!


Kavarna is one of these places where you will find friendly and passionate people happy to welcome every visitor or tourist. Kavarna and its surroundings are also the one place still well preserved in terms of wild nature and cultural identity. To visit Kavarna and the region once means to fall in love with its simple beauty and the natural goodness of its people and you will keep warm memories from this trip forever. I would not be surprised if you come back here in the future!

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