30 photos to show you Pinar Del Rio is the place to see the Real Cuba


While Cuba becomes much more accessible for tourists from all over the world and its authenticity will start to fade with the masses of tourists, there are still places that keep this untouched and absolutely authentic mix of Caribbean roots and Communist reality. Pinar del Rio is a place not far from Havana which most tourists skip. But I consider it as one of these hidden gems that every country hides and are sweet to visit the way a caramel candy melts in your mouth.

1 – it’s a place that doesn’t look interesting, at first sight. Then, when you walk around and you see it closer, you see that it is probably the most interesting place of all Cuba. Why? The answer is in the following photos.


2 – The town welcomes you with Cuban art and….


3 – … dilapidated facades ….


4 – with many timeless revolutionary slogans


5 –  and variety of transportation means.


6 –In Pinar del Rio the life is constantly moving, colorful and chaotic, at least in the tourist’s eyes.  


7 – The palm trees are at every corner …


8 –  … and the totally outdated American school buses still run …


9 – as are the beautiful Old American cars.


10 – The main street represents a cacophony of colors (including people), dangling wires, and facades with peeled plaster, a variety of vehicles and an absolutely wonderful Caribbean sky in the distance.


11 – In Pinar del Rio the life is not easy, the ways and means of survival are unspoken creative, and people carrying dignity that fascinates and surprises.


12 – The architecture is an absolute mix of whatnot …


13 – … and is terribly reminiscent to the buildings in Africa


14 – … the only difference is that the decorative details are typical for Europe.


15 – The elder people are quiet and look tidy


16 – … and young people gather in clubs to rejoice, as do all young people worldwide.


17 – The weddings are lavishly decorated …  


18 – … and the hall where the marriages are done is one of the most beautiful places in town.


19 – Stripped plaster facades hide much beauty inside


20 – … and vestibules of the houses from the colonial era are still doubtlessly impressive.


21 – Outside, wires and cables again …


22 – Inside, in the courtyards – greenery, light and peace.  


23 – In the cafes, the revolutionary slogans are sometimes the only decoration.  


24 – But on the street you can find the country’s wealth – aromatic and juicy tropical fruits.

24-tropical fruits in Cuba

25 – You can get lost in the streets of Pinar del Rio, but also you can find yourself through the lives of the others …


26 – as you realize that you can be happy everywhere and you should enjoy every single moment … 


27 – as children do, no matter of your age,  


28 – to celebrate life,


29 – to enjoy the street noise


30 – and to welcome the morning sun with a smile.

30-Pinar del Rio - Cuba

Enjoy your visit of Pinar del Rio the way the locals do. Take a coffee, walk on the streets, speak with the people, take original pictures and even make a bargain by buying handmade leather sandals.  Just walk around with wide open eyes for the real Cuba!

Have you been to Cuba? What are the places you have visited and will always remember?

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