5 Airport Outfit Ideas for Unpredictable Weather

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Long-haul flights are the ladies’ nightmare. But every flight, even in short distance, is prerequisite for long hours of waiting, sitting, standing and just expecting the moment when you will arrive and your life will continue, so to speak. In my opinion, these lost hours spent in boredom are just the price we pay to reach in a short time the place we want or should visit. And often I am sorry to see that many women do not pay attention to their look when they travel by air. I guess they just value the comfort more, understandably. But it does not take so much effort to look elegant and feel comfortable at the same time. These airport outfit ideas are some examples of how you can mix and match outfits to make you feel stylish, look cute and walk with head held high on the way to the airplane.


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The unpredictable weather that often occurs during the spring season makes the goal of stylish travel even more difficult. These are some of my travel outfits that you can use as an inspiration. Follow the rules below and you will always feel beautiful on your travels.


1 – Airport outfit in neutral colours

Neutrals are your best friends when assembling your travel outfits. They are easy to be combined, look really great and give you this adventurous look that is often associated with desert sand and savannah colour…

airport outfit-stick to neautrals

Raincoat Massimo Dutti   Jeans Liu Jo    T-shirt #WWTcollection   Shoes Bata     Backpack from trip to Japan

2 – Use minimal accessories when flying

One of the biggest mistakes when taking a flight is to wear too many accessories. Try to avoid using belt, jewelry of any kind and be sure that the few accessories you have on you are easy to take off. Stick to wrist watch and scarf.

minimal accessories-airport outfit

Scarf Guess  

3 – Wear comfortable, not too tight clothes

Spending hours in tight clothes is not only uncomfortable but also bad for your body. These types of clothes can prevent the blood circulation of working properly. But please, don’t go too far with this advice – baggy, over-sized clothes are not the right choice here. Just be sure to dress up in clothing that leaves you enough room to move freely but still keep the elegant line of your body shape.

comfortable travel clothes

Shoes Labrador       Blouse Passport        Jeans Garcia 

4 – Stay true to your style

Don’t try to invent new style. Stay true to your own style. How do you dress when having long and busy day in the city? What is your favorite pair of comfy shoes? Dig deep your wardrobe and take out the best you can find that is both comfortable and has a certain charm.

stay true to your style

Snickers Converse    Dress Dika

5 – Cozy up in black & white

When you used up all other options, you can always come back to the classics – black & white outfit with small touch of color. In my case the color comes from Russian scarf made of fine wool that is beautiful and extremely warm.

airport outfits in black and white

T-shirt from the #WWTcollection    Parfume Nina Ricci L’Extase   Top Etere

To be stylish while exploring the world is not so difficult. You just need to put your need of comfort on first place and to build on the base of your own style travel clothing sets that are both inspired by the fashion classics and practical in any sense of this word.

Do you have favorite clothes you always wear on air flights? Why you like them and what advice you can give to other women who wants to travel in style?

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