5 Principles of Healthy Eating on the Road

principles of healthy eating on the road

Female Travel – Simple Eating Habits

One of the most difficult aspects of the female travel is to stay in good fit and keep a relatively healthy diet. Often it seems impossible – we want to taste all these delicious local foods and we think: – if not now, when? During the years I tried and fought hard to stick as much as possible with my eating regime at home and not to go overboard with the food when travelling. Sometimes I succeeded, most often not. But these are the 5 simple rules I try to follow for healthy eating on the road. If followed strictly, they can help you fight gaining weight and staying true to the real needs of your body.

1 – Healthy eating on the road: make your own snacks


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I see too many people grasping to the food easily available at the airports, petrol stations, and airplanes. It isn’t even about saving money. It is about the “easiness”. This food is easily available and easy to consume. However, how many of you are thinking what they are about to put in their mouth before buying a packed snack, full of sugar and trans fats? Or how many really care what the food in airplanes contains? It is terrible – as quality and taste!

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The truth is that it is also easy to prepare your own snack. For a road trip make sandwiches. I try to use Gluten-free because of my intolerance to Gluten. Cut vegetables into slices (carrots, peppers, and tomatoes are the best) and put them in a box. You can do the same with fruits. Like that, you will not only have a healthy lunch but also will enjoy consuming it in nature, if possible with a good view.

For air flight, pack a mix of nuts and dry fruits. Often I make my own mixture of almonds, walnuts, and Brazilian nuts and add some dry Goji berry and different type of raisins. I also pack one or two apples or tangerines. Usually, in Europe, you will not have a problem to transport with you such small amount of vegetable food but better check the country’s requirements if you travel to countries in South America. Some of them have strict restrictions.

2 – Healthy eating on the road: be a savvy buyer


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When I travel and have to buy food on the go, I try to learn in advance what is the cheapest store in the country (see my tips for Amsterdam). Especially in destinations like Norway and Sweden, where everything is very expensive, including the food. But even in these “cheap” stores, you will find good products. The first thing to do – focus on cheese, bread, and vegetables. It is the easiest way to make a sandwich without any tools. You can add some ham, fruits, and yogurt and your health plan will be implemented. It is nourishing and filling that will not give any chance to your body to have a sugar craving.

3 – Healthy eating on the road: be careful with the beverages


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Another thing to take into consideration in order not to add pounds to your weight is to be careful with the beverages. At some destinations (like Italy) there are many traditional drinks that you would like to taste along with the delicious cuisine, for example – coffee specialities and liqueurs. They are all jammed with calories.


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My advice is, once again be conscious of what you consume. It is not about to deprive you of the pleasure. The point is not to make consumption of these highly caloric beverages your daily habit. It is enough to taste limoncello once. It is ok if you have cappuccino once (well, you can have more time if you do like the Italians). In the rest of the time just drink espresso. The Italian espresso is strong enough to wake up a bull and rich in flavours and aromas.

4 – Healthy eating on the road: have a plan for sweet cravings

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Once in a while (in my case that means often) most of us have cravings for sweet foods that we just cannot control. And it is not necessary if you know how and make a plan how to deal with your urge in these moments.

My healthy-sweets plan includes gluten-free cookies from the vegetarian neighborhood bakery, one-two bananas, nuts and dry fruits. Sometimes even freshly squeezed juice is doing the job. If this is not enough, dates are great to quickly suppress hunger for sweets. Forget about all pastries, cannelloni, French macaroons and other similar sweet temptations. After you taste each of these once, you shouldn’t continue to consume them if you want to stay in a good shape. And who doesn’t, right?

5 – Healthy eating on the road: be selective with the local food

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Same applies for all other traditional foods that we want to try during our travels. I lOVE Italian food. But … I eat pizza or pasta once and then try to stick to meat and salads. Last time I was in France I had one (!!!) croissant and that’s all. And I am deeply in love with all French pastries. Instead, I had a cup of yogurt (there are plenty varieties in the supermarket), fruit and slice of bread.

For lunch is even easier. Always take a salad, as a side dish or as a starter. Fish and seafood are great. In some countries, the meat is delicious and tender (still remember the beef steak I had years ago in South Africa. The best meat I ever had in my life, and I am not especially in love with meat.)

It is not difficult to try to be healthier while travelling. Follow these 5 principles for healthy eating on the road. Adjust them to your dietetic needs and intolerances, if you have any. Sometimes you will succeed to stay true to the healthier lifestyle, sometimes you will not. Just be sure always (always!) to think in advance what food you put into your body. Don’t make the eating automated habit. And always chose the healthier version of the traditional food wherever you go. There is always a healthier, more nutritional option. Ultimately, there are vegetables and fruits in every country of the world! Use them as a base for your alimentation on the road.

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