8 Simple Tricks for Taking Better Travel Photos


I know many of you are not satisfied with the photographs they make during trips. Bu you can capture in a truly incredible way the beautiful places you visit by just using some simple tricks for taking better travel photos.

Recently I have read an article about photography tips for travel, and then I realized that the 12 years traveling and practicing amateur photography taught me some of the best photographic tricks without myself realizing it. I have no ambition to be called a professional, and I never intend to become a professional photographer. There are so many amazing photographers who breathe through this art and develop it to incredible heights. I just want to continue to master my skills so that you, my readers, and I are delighted and inspired by what we see in the photos.

1 Consider framing. Many people take pictures automatically. In the sense that they don’t really think how the image will look. They just push the button. Imagine beforehand what will include the frame (your shot), if you’re going to paint the picture. What do you want it depicts? Use the rule, which is used even in fashion and interior design – choose a focal point /as a tree/ and everything around it will be only background. Play with positioning too. The tree can be placed in the middle of the frame, but it is always more interesting if it is one half of the picture.


2 Pay attention to the light. One rule in photography is that light should be behind the photographer. However … the digital photography eliminated the rules. Experiment. Use the shade of a tree to capture landscape in the middle of the day when the light is strong and falls sideways. Shoot against the light to capture silhouette of a boat at sea or children playing in the sand.


3 Avoid clichés, do not copy others and look for original perspectives. I often see people walking in the footsteps of others and shoot exactly the same pictures as everyone else. Not that I don’t do it as well when I see that this really is the best perspective. But you always should look for ways to make your picture unique. Whether this is to not catch the whole object in the shot, to avoid color and make black and white photos or any other way which you might think of. Just improvise and follow rule No. 8.


4 The camera is important but not the most important. Nowadays, there are so many good semi-professional and professional cameras but also phones with good cameras. If you take pictures for your own pleasure and do not need super high quality, even with simple equipment you can take unforgettable photos. Photography is an art like any other and requires mostly imagination.


5 Look for colors. There are places that are amazing with their natural colors. /See the Sahara desert or Cuba/ There look for combinations of colors and mix them as you chose colors for your outfits. Again the rule is about focus – focalize on one main color and the others are only complementary. Where the landscapes are more pale and colorless, you can use to focus on an object or figure that is darker to show contrast.


6 Shoot in black and white. I think that although the colors give warmth to the photographs, black and white photos are best for shooting portraits of people. While traveling, you will have the opportunity to capture some truly unique portraits as unique and amazing are people in the world. Facial features and character stand out best through the black and white lines and shadows.


7 Seek the moment. When traveling, always be ready to make a photo. Sometimes incredible scenes are happening before your eyes in amazing places and in unexpected moments. If you’re like me, you will keep for long in your mind the image of picture that you missed to make, realizing the fleetingness of the moment. I still remember a picture that I could not do in the wilderness of Ethiopia 12 years ago – three women, beautiful in their traditional white robes, walking toward the horizon against the setting sun.

8 Take a lot of pictures, really. Horizontal, vertical …. diagonal. You can always delete the unnecessary later but will often be surprised that the photos you least expect to be successful in fact are the most interesting, with most original perspective.

8-8 Simple trics for better travel photos


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