9 Simple Ways to Create Travel Inspired Interior

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Bring the World in Your Home

Since I started to travel independently from my parents (think School trips) I have obsession with memorabilia. Everywhere I go, I bring back some item, even tiny one, to remind me of the place. With the expanding of destinations and countries this passion become seriously overwhelming my home. But I love my home the way it is – full of objects and colors, exactly opposite of the popular ‘minimalist style’. One day I just realized that the travel inspired interior that I created unconsciously make from my home unique and very personal place.

If you are reading my blog, there is a big chance you are travel addicted woman. And it is logical to assume that you like everything connected with travel. There are simple ways to make your personal nest imbued with travel memories (or dreams). The tips below are easy for implementation and do not cost much. You don’t need total renovation of your home to make it feel more ‘travelish’.  Follow the tips below and create your one-of-a-kind home.

travel inspired interior backsplash

1 – Use tiles in particular style

Easy way to change the overall feel of your place is to use tiles, tiles stickers or wallpapers in the style you want to implement. On this photo you see Spanish style stickers from HomeArtStickers that can be used both for kitchen backsplash and bathroom.

travel inspired interior lampshades

2 – Pay attention to the lamp shades

I have preference to rustic, made from natural materials, lamps. On my working desk I have lamp from Ethiopia. To some it can look too primitive with its wood and leather materials, but I swear that this of all lamps in my home gives the softest and most pleasant light that does not disturb the eyes. No matter of the style you choose for your lamp shades, the important is to make you feel cozy.

travel inspired interior table cloths

3 – Table cloths

Maybe not every day but for special occasions you can make your table look great and inviting with some original table clothes you bought during your travels. As I wrote before, in Cuba they still make some nice handmade cotton tablecloths but I am almost certain that in every country there is a particular styles that you can use. For my home, for everyday, I use the French batik table runners.  

travel inspired interior wall art

4 – Wall art

The good thing about wall art is that you have large choice of styles, sizes and colors. You can buy or make one by yourself. You can use reproductions, make your own photo collages, and hang African masks or whatever you can think of. The only aspect to keep in mind is to arrange it wisely so that it doesn’t clutter your walls. Don’t use too many wall art pieces, better few but bold.

travel inspired interior rugs and carpets

5 – Rugs and carpets

The easiest way to give a place character is to place rugs around important areas – at front of sofa, in the middle of hallway, next to the bed. Here again, just follow the style idea and keep your floor clean and simple, just with few cozy and beautiful rugs or carpets.

travel inspired interior pottery

6 – Pottery

Useful and beautiful, traditional pottery all over the world is maybe the best souvenirs you can buy. Usually these traditional items are in vibrant colors and are offered in different sizes for different use. Sometimes they are just for decoration but often you can use them to cook or serve food. One clay plate can create focal point for the whole room. Don’t underestimate the importance of the pottery for your travel inspired interior!

travel inspired interior pillows

7 – Decorative pillows 

These are easy to find. If you don’t have some special ones that you bought abroad, you can always find in the local stores. There are many featuring Paris, or camels, or even some urban designs. In the near future I will add some decorative pillow covers to my shop as well.

travel inspired decor shelves

8 – Shelf decorating

It is real pleasure to look at beautifully arranged, well decorated and optimally used shelves. Every home needs beautiful shelves – with books, souvenirs from trips, photos of the family and close friends … Everything you enjoy and makes you smile.

travel inspired interior design small furniture

9 – Small furniture

My small table from Bosnia and Herzegovina is a piece of art! Handmade by the craftsmen that keep the traditions alive, this small furniture is glowing with its wooden warmth and fine carving and give to my bedroom a feel that I couldn’t create without it.

What is your favorite travel finds? Do you use them to decorate your home?

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