Hello, ladies … and gentlemen! I’m Geri, the founder of When Woman Travels, the blog that helps women to be stylish and travel more; in other words – it’s all about female travel. If you are on this page, you most probably want to know more about this site and me. Let’s start with who am I.


I believe that every woman has the power to create a better world with her own, gentle and delicate force! And travel is one of the things that help her do that!

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To be clearer, let me tell you first who I am not:


  • I’m not (always) a solo female traveller. Although I travel solo sometimes, I prefer to travel with family/friends or to visit dear to my heart people all over the world.
  • I’m not a world nomad. At least not in the common understanding. The last four years I have spent in my home country – Bulgaria and travelled part-time. This, however, is about to change because – once expat, always expat! You become a citizen of the world.
  • I’m not a backpacker. Even if sometimes I travel with a backpack, it is not my preferred way of travel. 
  • I’m not a budget traveller. I believe that everything in this world has a price and you pay it in one way or another. The cheapest flights are often those with a long stopover and worst seats. Same comes for the hotels. Usually. That’s why I focus on affordable luxury travel style.
  • I’m not a feminist. Although I work for female-focused causes and believe that women have the power to change the world for better, I advocate for the traditional values and think that happy people are those with big, loving families. Unfortunately, not everybody is blessed with this but you can always find happiness within yourself. 


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  • Ex and future expat. I’ve spent years in countries like Ethiopia and Ukraine (absolutely opposite as a climate, culture, and mentality). These experiences helped me learn how to deal with culture shock, how to adjust to different climates and circumstances as well as different local mentalities. And even more, during my expat life, I could see that women all over the world are beautiful, clever and ambitious and yet neglected and dependent in some way. This was the moment to realise that women all over the world have potential that is simply … wasted.


  • Coffee snob. As an expat in Ethiopia, I had the chance to discover the coffee (again). The country is the coffee homeland and since then my love for coffee developed to become an owner of a speciality coffee shop and certified barista. While this is not anymore my profession, I am still (and always will be) very demanding about the way I drink my coffee. Use my knowledge! I will be sharing information about the best coffee places everywhere I go on my journeys.


  • Writer. Writing has been always one of my best skills. Alas, I didn’t work hard on developing it in the past years due to my family responsibilities. Oh, no, wait! This is just an excuse! Whatever, now this is changing and I enjoy writing not only about my own but also about other women’s travel experiences and stories. If you like my style you can help me with this by sharing my posts. I will be very grateful!!! Some of my most popular posts, that you may also like, are 17 Reasons to Visit Plovdiv and 10 Lesser Known Places in France (South). I have been also published in some of the best travel blogs and online and print magazines.


  • Women’s empowerment activist. I believe in the women’s power to create a better world so much that I have founded a Ladies Club in my hometown and created this blog to be of help to women who want to explore the world and their own capabilities by travelling. You can find practical advice in the Women & Travel category of this blog.


  • Bachelor of International Hospitality Management and MBA graduate. My business education helps me in selecting and reviewing hotel accommodations and always to see the business side of a place or property. I see both – the client’s and the manager’s point of view which helps me to be more objective and to have ideas on how the place I am visiting can be improved.





This site is all about female travel.


If you want to travel more, to be better informed before to take the trip, to be aware of the danger (or lack of such) at destination, to be stylish while travelling and to be better organized, to know about less known places and to keep your beauty and health unchanged during travels, this site is for you.


Here also you can find a community of women with a passion for travel, same like you, and even to participate in Girl’s Gateways that will be organised very soon.  


You can also benefit from WWT Travel Guides, written especially for women. In them, I share more detailed and in-deep information about the destinations. 


Cape Town Travel Guide for Women


You will also read the travel stories of other women where they will share their recommendations for a destination or practical bits of advice.  


And not as last but at first place – you will have constant travel inspiration to make your dreams come true!


You can always write to me if you have a particular problem as a woman traveller that hasn’t been addressed here. I will try to help you to solve it!


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