How to Dress in African Style – 5 Travel Outfit Ideas

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 Bring AFRICA with You Wherever You Go

Africa always has been a great inspiration for me. I use the unlimited color palette of this amazing continent for almost everything in my life –  the interiors of my home, my clothing style, and even in my travel-inspired product line

In this post, I have used some of my t-shirts from the line to show you how, eclectically and in every season, you can mix the African spirit with your everyday clothing. These travel outfit ideas bear the warm colors of the sand in Sahara, the easily recognizable patterns on the skin of the African animals, and mix it with the comfortable comfort of the classic jeans, leather jackets, and sometimes accessories in red, a color that the African women wear so well.

To be original and playful, incorporate in your outfits untypical for Africa clothing pieces like a trench coat or tulle skirt. Don’t be afraid to make unusual combinations. The most important is to stay true to your style and feel comfortable in your outfits. 

I Love Africa 

I Love Africa



African Summer 

Africa travel



Dreaming of Africa 


Africa Dreaming



Safari in the City 


Beauty to go: Safary in the City



Winter Essentials African Style 


Winter Essentials *African Style*



Do you use your travels as an inspiration? What are your favorite styles? 

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