The Famous Afternoon Tea at Kensington Palace – How it Looks Like?

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It was an unbelievably sunny and soft November day in London. It looked like the well known rainy days in grey hues were stories from another life and people all over the Hyde Park were leisurely strolling on the pathways.


I and my friend were headed to the other side of the park – Kensington Palace, the place where Princess Diana lived, for the famous afternoon tea at Kensington Gardens and we almost could smell its fragrance from afar.


The Palace of Princess Diana


Kensington Palace is one of the less pompous palaces in London. You can almost pass by without paying attention to it if was not the bold monument of Queen Victoria at front. As compensation for its impersonal look, its location is quite perfect. Well-positioned at the edge of the park, the palace and its gardens are one of the popular and favourite places to visit in London.



Kensington Gardens London

Hyde Park-Kensington Gardens


After a long enjoyable walk (despite the speedy cyclists that reminded me of Amsterdam), we found the gallery where the afternoon tea is served. What a hell?! A queue?! It didn’t occur to me that this place is no secret for others too. Well, we waited. We were here and we couldn’t leave without trying, seeing and knowing … what it is to have a tea at the palace.


The Afternoon Tea at Kensingto Palace is a Touristy Experience


After good fifteen minutes, we finally got a table. Well positioned in the middle of the gallery, I could observe the mixture of clients without disturbing their peaceful afternoon.



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The two Italians in elegant suits were having lunch accompanied by a bottle of a chilled white wine. The two ladies at the table to the left were definitely some of my own tribe – ‘traveling divas’, women in love with the travel and the world.

And finally, in the gallery at the end, a group of ten Muslim women were celebrating. I understand the choice to have their women’s party here, the settings and atmosphere are utterly typical for the UK.


porcelaine at Orangery Kensington Palace

Kensigton Palace afternoon tea


Afternoon Tea Experience Review


And then the tea and the plate of cakes arrived. My whole attention was focused on what was served in beautiful plates and cups in front of my eyes. Start taking pictures (how in another way I can share with you this experience?) and was not the only one. The girls at left did the same. While I enjoyed the tea, the rolls, and the cakes, I was a bit surprised.  


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To be totally honest, I believe there are much better places for afternoon tea in London nowadays. The setting is beautiful, the waiters polite and the porcelain fine. The tea is good (that’s all – just good) and cakes delicious but not unforgettable as it was the cake genoveze in the village of Erice, Sicily.  


afternoon tea at Kinsington gardens

afternoon tea Kensington Palace


I liked the white of the walls, starched tablecloths and shirts of the staff. The light was invading the gallery and noise of all people happily chatting with their companions was pleasant as a murmur of a brook.


Regrettably, the greenery was very limited. Just a few corners were delicately decorated with trees in pots. It is called Orangery, where are the flowers?!




Do You Want to Be a Tourist or Explorer?


We did not meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Prince William and Kate Middleton), the current residents of the Palace. And even I’m wondering – how they can live in the middle of all this cacophony around them?


Tourists and Londoners are walking literally in their backyard.  Well, better to leave the aristocratic lifestyle to their Majesties and to focus on the important question – is it afternoon tea at Kensington Gardens worth the effort?



Afternoon tea in London - Kensington gardens



My opinion is – it is worth trying once if this is of interest to you. But you definitely can find better places for an authentic afternoon tea experience in London.  


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And the place feels largely touristy. I don’t mean anything bad with that – it is good to be popular and to attract visitors from all over the world. But as with all touristy places, the authenticity is gone. And that’s a pity because the place has really great potential.  



Afternoon tea (the tea plus the cakes and rolls) for one – around 30 £


More information:

The Orangery



Have you had such experience, to be disappointed about a place you wanted very much to visit?
Share your thoughts!

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2 Comments on “The Famous Afternoon Tea at Kensington Palace – How it Looks Like?

  1. Very interesting to read! I wanted to try their afternoon tea this year, as a friend has it on her wish list and encouraged me to try it. With so many other events this season, I haven’t been able to get to The Orangery. Sorry to see it wasn’t spectacular. The Conrad London St James is exceptional. The atmosphere probably not as pretty as The Orangery, but I think they’re the best Christmas afternoon tea this year. The chef each year amazes me with creativity.

    • Thank you! And sorry for the disappointment. I bet that in Conrad London St James the food is much much better! I should try it. Thanks for the tips. 🙂

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