Are Women Nomads by Nature?

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Are women nomads by nature? 


This question popped up in my mind a few weeks ago when I met Eli from Become Nomad for a cup of coffee in Sofia.  He is one of these modern nomads who decided to change their way of life by switching the place of residence every several weeks. In order to make it possible they start to practice professions which are not dependent on a location.


In most cases, these people are called “digital nomads” because they all work via the Internet. The fact is that this is a global trend and it shows how many people are tired of being part of a system and having a way of life which does not really bring them satisfaction as much cost them efforts and sacrifices.



Niger. Sahara Desert. Noble Tuareg women drinking tea.

Photo by © Victor Englebert



So in that respect, I thought: Well, men are more independent and safety is not that much an issue for them as it is for the women. That’s why we often speak about female travel. Are women nomads by nature? Do they like nomadic lifestyle? Can they live as nomads and really enjoy it or they do it just because they have to?

I searched for an answer to my questions and here is what I found.



Young nomadic girl

Photo by © Mark Pelletier

Women Nomads in the Past


During the preparation of my university thesis about female tourists, I came across proof that the travelling woman is not a new phenomenon. From the very existence of humanity, she was accompanying her husband and their children were born on the roads.



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In many modern tribes that have preserved their lifestyle unchanged for centuries, if not millennia, women are the main pillar that supports the nomadic life of families. A clear example is the Berber tribes in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Women’s tireless work in conditions that we can scarcely imagine, is something that we can only admire.





Are There Women Nomads in Our Days?


Here are a few examples of modern women nomads who have built for themselves a whole new way of life. And this is very different from what constituted their life before they changed it. Most often, these are women who have undergone a dramatic change such as divorce or illness. Or simply have reached a crossroads in life and changed direction to fully experience the dreams that they kept having while they cared for their families in the earlier stages of life.

Rita Golden Gelman 

After many years of marriage, she divorced. In this period of her life, she decided that the usual routine of divorced middle-aged women is not for her. Her children and she herself were independent enough to allow her to embark on a new, nomadic, life.  She didn’t imagine when she started that this way of life will continue for more than 25 years.


Girls Getaway in GREECE


The adventure that she started with such courage gave her opportunity to live among many nomadic tribes. As she put it, “I cook with women on many fires worldwide.” I believe that since every journey teaches us something, this woman has gathered much wisdom that she transmits in her books.

She is the author of “Tales of a Female Nomad: Living at Large in the World”, “Female Nomad and Friends” and more than seventy books for children.



Amy Scott

In 2004, Amy Scott left her job as an editor in San Francisco to travel the world. After nine months of travel, she decided that she could not return to her previous way of life and began a career that allows her to work wherever she is in the world.


Now, with her Argentinean husband, she continues to enjoy the nomadic lifestyle. Financially she managed to receive income from various independent sources. Some of them are related to her experience as an editor, others come from a rental of residential property. More about Amy and how she was able to support herself financially while travelling the world you can read on her website Nomadtopia .



YTravel Blog

photo © YTravel Blog


What is the Future for the Nomadic Women?


In many cases, women are more interested to travel than their male partners. Men prefer sedentary life, familiar things, and also someone to care for them. Not always, but in most cases. Do you agree? And women, attracted by the prospect of being free to choose how to live and where to travel, often choose adventure over the binding and uniform sedentary life.



This, of course, is only possible when they have fulfilled their social function. Let this definition does not sound too cold. Because often a woman feels fully accomplished when she is a mother and a wife or is a part of a strong relationship.


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It is not surprising that modern nomad women are women whose children are already grown up and independent, and they themselves are often divorced. There is  another group of younger women that developed their nomadic life before they met their partners.


I think of a family that travel with their young children. I sincerely admire them for the courage to follow the call of their hearts and I believe that their children will become broad-minded and happy people and responsible adults. Check out their blog YTravelBlog.  This family is an example that nomadic life will continue to attract many people in the world. And many women will enjoy it equally as the men.


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No matter the period of life, modern technology and the Internet make it possible. Globalization is a fact and humanity can only benefit from it. I expect in the future people will become increasingly independent of location, more flexible and adaptable to different places and cultures. And this will bring independence to their lifestyle. And women will lead these changes.



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At the end of our conversation with Eli, I realized that I was somewhat nomadic too. I have lived in several places in different countries and always came a time when my inner voice begins to speak:

– It’s time. You need to move on. There is nothing more to learn here.


Yes, travel for me is learning, learning by experience. And there is no better teacher than the World.




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