Geri and When Woman Travels have been featured in travel sites with a predominantly female readership. Here are some of them:

Geri When Woman Travels


The Hardest Countries To Travel Solo – TourRadar

Throwback 2015: 25 Girl Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite Destinations – Huffington Post

21 Awesome Travelers & Their Favorite Valentine Retreats Huffington Post

Introducing Geri Vladeva from When Woman Travels – Time2Travel  ( in Bulgarian)

Bulgarian Travel Bloggers and Websites to Follow –  TravellingBuzz  

Throwback 2015: 25 Girl Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite Destinations – Anamika Ojha 

Who to follow on social networks if you want to know everything about traveling? – (in Bulgarian) 

Are You Traveling for the People or the Places? Girl In Love With The World

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite Destinations – Ana’s World 




Choose Your Own Adventure – Get It Magazine, Australia


Geri Vladeva: I believe in Miracles and the Goodness in People.  This is Why I Make my Dreams Come True – (in Bulgarian) 

Geri Vladeva Who Travels the World Solo: It Is Scary Only the First Time 24 Chasa (in Bulgarian) 

when woman travels interview 24 chasa

Meet with Geri from When Woman Travels – Sunrising Life 

Our Favorite Bloggers: Geri Vladeva from When Woman Travels – The Girls from the City  (in Bulgarian)

Superstar interviews: Geri from When Woman TravelsSuperstar Blogging by Nomadic Matt



Geri also writes with pleasure for other travel and female related media. Go to Freelance Travel Writing



Geri Vladeva: Big part of the women travel alone – bTV, Morning show (in Bulgarian) 


Geri Vladeva – The Solo Traveller – Bulgarian National Radio (in Bulgarian) 


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