Baby On Board! Tips for Stress-free Vacation with Kids


This post was written by the young mother Elizabeth that have recently shared her travel tips for visiting Rome for first time. As she has two small kids, she faces the challenge to keep all the family healthy and organized while traveling. These are her tips for stress-free vacation with kids. 

Traveling with baby on board and going on a vacation when you have a little child or a baby, may seem impossible but is quite funny and pleasant if you plan it well and have realistic expectations about it. What do I mean?

If you go on a 5-day vacation with a baby on board, don’t expect it to be the same as going on vacation without it. This will never happen and you are having unrealistic expectations. Make sure that you have thought of the following things beforehand:




  • Prepare as many clothes for your baby as they will need but not the whole range of clothes they have. The best to use is polar fleece clothing because it’s light and warm. Cotton t-shirts and bottoms are also a very good choice. It may seem that having prepared white cotton clothes for your baby is a great mistake, but think about it: if your child gets dirty, which in many cases is inevitable, you can always wash his/hers clothes with bleach. This is quite comfortable and easy to wash with and disinfect at the same time. Please keep in mind that baby clothes washed with bleach should be thoroughly rinsed with water after that.
  • Don’t take much baby food, there are shops in all resorts and cities. Even the pharmacies sell baby food. This doesn’t mean not to take any. Of course, it is always a good idea to have a snack prepared for the travel itself. What I usually do is to slice a carrot and put it in an envelope. It is delicious, comfortable and very healthy choice for a baby who has already started eating solid food. Also, it helps a lot with growing teeth. I also prepare homemade smashed vegetables in a box and some bread. If you have a bit older child, 2-3 years old it is always a good idea to have some bananas with you and a box with some meatballs for example with veggies.
  • Even if you are used to preparing everything your child eats when on vacation it’s always better to buy it. Not only because preparing food on a vacation is not clean at all but also it’s your vacation, after all, it’s time to have fun.
  • Always take sun protection oils and lotions for all the members of the family and use them regularly in order to prevent skin sun-burns.
  • When having a baby you never know what could happen. So be prepared with some basic baby medicines, such as something to lower high temperature or baby nasal spray. These are important because not everywhere people go, there are 24-7 pharmacies.
  • Usually, it is enough the luggage to be limited to one big backpack per person including the baby.
  • Never forget a baby kangaroo or a sling if you prefer it. Vacations are always more pleasant if your actions are not restricted by a stroller.
  • baby-on-board-vacation-with-kids (2)

So much for the planning and preparation. Regarding the departure, I always prefer to leave at such hours when the children can sleep through the whole travel because we don’t like stopping on petrol stations for a break but this actually depends on how people prefer to travel. Nevertheless, it is always more comfortable for the children to sleep in the car.

I also prefer to carry fewer toys with us while on vacation because I think that being able to make a toy out of shells, sand, leafs or other similar objects is a question of developing children’s imagination and also they start missing their toys at the end of the vacation and promising them they will see their favorite toys as soon as we go home makes them happy to go back home.

The best thing about going on vacation with a baby or small child is that they are adorable to be taken photos of and also believe it or not they know that this place you have taken them is somewhere else and are also happy to share the time with mommy and daddy. Another positive outcome of going on vacation with your children is that by changing the climate for them, they have a great chance to become healthier and stronger.

 When going to the mountain during the summer the baby can be carried in a kangaroo by one of the parents and the other parent can have the backpack with provisions for everyone. In those cases the whole family can go up in the mountain as long as they are back at the end of the day.

My family and I have used this technique to go to the mountains many times when my son was a baby. And it has always been very funny and refreshing for all of us.

Not that you cannot spend the night in the mountain, probably you can but honestly I have never did it when there is a baby with me. Because I personally thing that the mountain becomes cold in the night even in the summer and when taking a baby with you, the luggage for the tour is quite a lot so it does not allow taking a tent or sleeping bags at the same time.

Written by:

Elizabeta Marinova

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