Backpacking Norway Alone: Top 10 Tips For Women

solo backpacking Norway

Backpacking Norway alone as a woman is the best way to explore the country for several reasons. Probably the most important reason is that Norway is one of the safest countries for solo travel in the world. The second is its unique, one-of-a-kind nature that offers magnificent vistas and clean environment.


Travel Gear, Safety, and More


But for me, the peaceful and slow lifestyle of the Norwegian people is an even more important reason to solo travel here. It allows you to feel safe but also gives you an opportunity to hear your inner voice, to discover new possibilities and to find peace within yourself. It is like a pilgrimage during which you are rejoining your true self. 


1 – Solo backpacking Norway travel gear


Your backpack will be the most important thing during your trip. Invest in a good quality backpack and if you don’t know what the best one for you is, ask the shop’s staff. They have experience and will guide you toward more “ladies” appropriate models backpacks.



Also, bring a good pair of hiking shoes because in Norway you will certainly need them. Norway is all about nature and the best way to enjoy it is to go hiking.


How to Organize Your First Solo Trip


In Norway, you will need a waterproof and windproof jacket. Buy one of acceptable quality and bring some layers along – long sleeve tees and polar suit shirt.


> See the detailed packing list for solo female travel in Norway.


2 – Itineraries for Backpacking Norway Alone


According to Marco Polo Guides, there are four popular tours in Norway. My solo trip was based on the itinerary 3 option. For your solo backpacking Norway trip you can choose the area you want to visit and then narrow it down to fit your availability of time and money. 


Norway Itinerary 1

is relatively short and is focused on the area around Oslo. It is one of the cheapest options for Norway travel. The itinerary includes:


The duration is 6 days. 


Norway Itinerary 2

is a round trip in the wild heartland and takes from 9 to 10 days:

Oslo-Fagernes-Gjendesheim-Vagamo-Dombas-Andalsnes-Geiranger-Stryn-Briksdalsbreen glacier- Fjaerland-Balestrand-Voss-Bergen-Geilo-Granvin-Gol


Norway Itinerary Tour 3

is focusing on coastal Norway and includes:

Kristiansand-Mandal-Lindesnes- Stavanger-Skudenesshavn-Haugesund-Bergen-Sognefjord-Alesund-Molde-Kristiansund-Trondheim

For this tour, you need at least 10 days.

I used this itinerary to make my solo backpacking Norway trip in June but included Fjaerland and Voss and skipped some other places. See the 6 cities to visit in Norway.


Itinerary 4

is with a focus on the northern part of Norway. It includes:



solo backpacking Norway-itinerary

3 – Best way to travel


The best way (and most affordable too) to travel backpacking Norway alone is the railway transport. The rail network in Norway is well developed and although the asphalt roads are also good, they are a much slower way of travel. That’s why bus travel is better for shorter distances.

You can save money by buying a Eurail Pass for Norway and have a choice of several options. Ferries are also a common means of transport but not very cheap as an option.

For more tips on how to save money on travel in Norway, read my Solo Female Travel Guide to Norway. You can get access to the premium content on the blog by using the form at the bottom of this post.


best way to travel

4 – Safety & Health


Norway is one of the safest countries in the world. Same goes for the health and sanitation. If you use your common sense, i.e. staying vigilant and observant, you will not have any problems during your trip. Not even one. The good thing is that in summer the nights are long (not to say endless) and these White nights really give you an opportunity to explore the country as long as you want even at night.

However, it is always better to be prepared and get a travel insurance before your trip.

5 – How to save on food


Food in Norway is expensive just like everything else in the country. However, you can save money by shopping your groceries from these two store chains. Kiwi and Rema 1000 offer lower product prices especially if you buy their own brands. And even if it may seem that these stores sell low-quality foods, it is not the case. I was a surprised by the quality of the food in Norway. Even the imported fruits and vegetables were tasty and obviously good nutrition option.  


7 – Accommodation options while Backpacking Norway Alone


You have a large choice of accommodations in Norway but no one of them is a real “budget” option. Norway and Scandinavia, in general, is the most expensive destination in Europe. So, no matter what accommodation type you chose, you will never feel as you made a ‘good’ deal.



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If you are a hotel gal, you can use popular Scandinavian hotel chains like Nordic Choice Hotels and First Hotels. I didn’t stay (as I don’t use usually) at hostels but I haven’t heard good things about the hostel options in Norway.  They offer basic amenities; most of them do not offer free breakfast but have kitchens that you can use to reduce your food expenses. While in Oslo, I stayed at Comfort Hotel Express Central Station that offered clean rooms in a convenient location and a very reasonable price. 


However, there are always exceptions. To search for hostels in Norway, go to, a search engine for hostels worldwide that shows a price comparison of all major booking websites.


For a real Norwegian hospitality experience, read Fjord Hotel Norway: Fjaerland Fjordstue.


Accommodations Norway

8 – Locals


What you need to know about the local culture is that Norwegians are distant people, but very helpful and polite. You will never be left without support or guidance if you need one, but don’t expect to make life-lasting friendships. They don’t open up and they don’t like small talk. Respect their mentality and mirror their behaviour.


13 Books for Women Who Want to Travel Solo


As a woman, you should know that the feminist concept is not a concept in Norway. It is a reality. Women and man are totally equal and thus you will not see a man helping a woman to carry her heavy luggage. Apparently, women are not perceived as the weaker sex here. For me, it was a bit strange as I have grown up in a culture where it was a sign of gentleman behaviour to offer help to women. 


locals Norway

9 – Tours & Sightseeing


Tours are expensive in Norway. For example, a one-day trip from Bergen to Flam costs 1540 NOK. A guided tour adds additional expenses.

The good aspect of this country is that its gold is its nature. And nature is open and accessible for everyone. If you don’t want or can’t spend money on tours, just hang out and hike in nature, walk on the streets (most cities have old town centres with beautiful wooden architecture), enjoy the numerous parks and do some people watching.


backpacking Norway alone tips

10 – How to spend less


Everything in Norway is cheaper if paid online. From bus tickets to sightseeing tours, the system in Norway is organized to prompt the client to pay online.


In addition to the budget tips for food, you can also minimize your expenditures if you camp. It is allowed to camp wherever you want but better stay far from the farmhouses. It is not that people will push you away. Just they like to keep their privacy.


However, if you travel solo you probably wouldn’t camp in nature. Check for campsites at the places you want to visit.



campsites Norway


Backpacking in Norway alone is easy and safe.

Although the destination is expensive, there are ways to minimize as much as possible your travel expenditures, however, be prepared to spend more than you do at other European destinations. The ultimate tip for saving money on a trip will always be: Visit a friend!

But if you don’t have one in Norway, and don’t know from where to start planning your solo trip to Norway, become a member and gain access to the membership-only content on this blog. There you can read and/or download the Solo Female Travel Guide to Norway with itinerary and more detailed tips and information on travel to Norway.  



Solo Female travel guide to Norway

About the guide


This guide is a result of my solo trip to Norway. Here you will find all the information – the places included in the itinerary, where to shop for less expensive food and the addresses of the hotels I have experienced personally and my recommendations. The guide starts with the 2 weeks itinerary, day by day, to give you an impression of what can be done for such a period of time.

The trip was focused on the coastal part of Norway and sightseeing of the fjords. This is the most touristic part of the country and for a reason. The amazing vistas and the picture-perfect countryside are the two reasons people to come from all over the world. The last part of this guide is about all the details you need to know about each place in order to plan your own trip.

Sightseeing, hotel addresses, transportation and general observations I have had about every city on the itinerary are included in this part.




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