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In one of the most expensive European destinations, there is a way to save money and still see things that you will not find anywhere else. There is a good number of free museums in London. There are 45 museums (!!!) that you can visit without spending a cent, most of them are open 7 days a week, including public holidays. On the list are major national museums but also some smaller but quirky museums that will intrigue you. With such offering, it is sure that every visitor, or even Londoner, will find something of interest.

In my opinion, these are the best free museums in London: 


1 – Best Free Museums in London:

The British Museum

The British Museum


The British Museum is the equivalent of the Louvre in Paris. You just should not miss its visit. The museum houses more than 6 million exhibits showing the whole human history but the most popular object is Rosetta Stone.


 2 – Natural History Museum





This museum starts impressing its visitors from the entrance. There are five main exhibit collections: Zoology, Palaeontology, Botany, Mineralogy (really impressive!) and Entomology.


 3 – Tate Britain


At Tate Britain, you will find the largest collection of British art from 16th to late 20th century.


 4 – Tate Modern


At Tate Modern, as its name speaks, the modern British art is on display. For me, call me illiterate or not, but this was the most depressive place in whole London.



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5 – The Science Museum

Science museum


I’m not very much interested in machinery but this museum cannot let you indifferent. Old aircraft and cars were among my favourite objects here together with old radio stations, phonographs and gramophones.  



 6 – The Museum of London


The Museum of London is one of the largest urban history museums in the world and exhibits 2 million objects showing the history of London.   



 7 – Royal Air Force Museum


Here you can see more than 100 aircraft from around the world and take a part in some interactive activities like 3D cinema. Good place for a fun time for the whole family.



8 – Museums of London Docklands


It is named after a hidden gem of London. This museum houses items that are connected with the long history of London as a port, including the time when the city played important role in the sugar business and slavery.



9 – The Museum of Childhood


Interesting collection of items connected with childhood going back in time (the 1600s) and continuing to the present days. One heartbreaking exhibition that tells the true stories of Britain’s child migrants could be seen in the Museum from 24th October 2015 to 12 June 2016. (I wish they’d make it a permanent exhibition so more people could see it.) 




 10 – The National Army Museum


The National Army Museum features exhibitions that can be interesting even to a woman. From a pure curiosity, she might find an exhibition like ‘Special Forces: In the Shadows’ absolutely intriguing. (At least I do!). 


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11 – Victoria and Albert Museum


The world’s leading museum of arts and design, as it markets itself.  It features collections of books, ceramics, design styles, drawings, fashion, furniture, jewellery, glass, textiles and others.




12 – The National Maritime Museum


The National Maritime Museum is part of the Royal Museums Greenwich. Like most of the London’s museums, here also you will find one of the world’s largest collections of its kind. As the British nation is well known for its sea explorations, the items here cover few centuries of endeavours.


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13 – The Wallace Collection



The Wallace Collection museum displays artworks from eighteenth and nineteenth century. But its charm is in its lavish premises that house paintings from Rembrandt and Diego Velazquez. This is my favourite museum in London so far. 



14 – The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology


Petrie Museum worth visit because is one of the largest collection of Egyptian artefacts. (Read my blog post about Turin in Italy to see where is the second biggest Egyptian collection after the Museum of Cairo.) And we all know that ancient Egyptian life hides big mysteries behind frescoes, mummies and pyramids. Many of its secrets are still not revealed…




15 – The Grant Museum of Zoology 


The Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy has an impressive collection of all animal specimens on Earth. Many of these specimens are now at risk of extinction or already extinct. 



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16 – National Gallery


The National Gallery in London is a home of more than 2000 artworks that represent all the European Schools of art in Europe. A vast collection that will take on a long and beautiful journey, for free!




17 – National Portrait Gallery


The National Portrait Gallery is another interesting venue showing photographic and painted portraits. There are temporary exhibitions like one of the portraits of Audrey Hepburn.



18 – Photographer’s Gallery


For photography adepts. It is the largest public photo gallery in London.


19 – Serpentine Gallery


The Serpentine Gallery displays contemporary art and design in two different buildings, 5 minutes walk from each other. Its location in the heart of the Royal Park of Kensington Gardens and the architecture of one of its buildings (designed by one of the greatest architects of our time Zaha Hadid), make this gallery one of the must-visit in London.  



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20 – The Chocolate Museum


If you are a chocolate fancier, you will probably include this museum in your itinerary. It is an independent museum that is organised partially as an exhibit and another part as a shop.


What are your favourite places in London? Are they include some of these museums?


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  1. Great list of free museums! I visited some of them and I am fascinated how interesting and interactive they are and still – free of charge. London knows how to do it!

    • The other good thing about these museums is that they are warm and cozy and just perfect for autumn or winter entertainment! 🙂

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