The Best Travel Belt A Woman Can Wish For: Jelt Belt Review

the best travel belt for women


To be honest, I didn’t expect much from this belt. When the company contacted me asking to test their product and write a review, I was curious to try it, but didn’t think that this will become my favourite and the best travel belt I ever had!


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Jelt Belt – pleasant to wear

About the Idea of Jelt Belt and His Creator


Jen Perry, a busy working mother with a passion for outdoors, created Jelt Belt out of necessity. Like all great products, this belt was created to make one’s life better and more comfortable. It is a functional belt that is good for all types of outdoor activitieshiking, biking, skiing and any other you might think of.


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What I love in Jelt Belt is its simple but chic design. Inspired by the 80’s fashion, its modern-retro appeal is going well with almost every style. I love wearing it with dresses, jeans but also with a wrap coat or cardigan.


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Jelt Belt is practical and fashionable


The best travel belt is unique in other ways too. It is made entirely of recycled water bottles. For all ladies who are trying to live a sustainable life and travel responsibly, this is the perfect belt to travel with.

It is very easy to recognise Jelt Belt. The buckle design of the belt is in a process to be patented but is the most recognisable part of it. I Iove the way this buckle closes gently around the waist and finishes the harmonic line of the belt.



What Makes Jelt Belt the Best Travel Belt


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Jelt Belt is not bulky


Jelt Belt is, in my opinion, the best travel belt you can find on the market, because:


  • It’s flat, not bulky. It doesn’t bulge under your shirt or t-shirt; it doesn’t break the line of your clothing.
  • It’s lightweight and flat. Also, easily rolled and packed.
  • Does not contain any metal materials which make it the perfect belt for air flights and passing through security checkpoints.



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  • There is an inner gel that grips to pants. Because of it, this belt feels like your second skin. While wearing it, you will even forget you have a belt on you.
  • Jelt Belt comes in various styles and colours. Some of the fanciest ones are Denim Blue and Orange and Navy Blue.
  • The best travel belt can be worn with different clothes and styles and for different occasions. It is good for casual days exploring the city or active days in the mountains; to accessorise a dress for a casual night out or use it during a flight trip.



Try the Jelt Belt and see for yourselves!


After wearing the Jelt Belt during my last two trips to Italy, I’m convinced that I will never again use other belts for travel. The belts I had used until now are bulky and don’t have the universal style Jelt Belt features.

In fact, I love my Jelt Belt so much that I will order some more in different colours. Like that, I will have not only very comfortable travel accessories to keep my pants on but also will have fashion accessories that complete my travel outfits.




best travel belt womens




What’s the Jelt Belt colour you like the most? What feature of this best travel belt is most valuable to you?


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  1. Hello Geri. you are looking so beautiful and stunning in that black and white outfit. That black belt is giving additional charm to your dress.I want same as yours. Thanks for sharing such a lovely blog.

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