The Black Leather Jacket – Your Best Friend for Spring and Fall Travel

The black leather jacket is a friend of mine from my early teens years. I wear it with jeans and silk dresses. It also accompanies me in my wanderings around the world. I love it because It feels like second skin and its colour goes with almost everything. When it is made of genuine leather, nothing and no one can affect it – cold, rain, sun or even cigarette. It’s quality workmanship is extremely important, and I care well for it.


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The black leather jacket is your best friend for a trip in the spring. It will provide you comfort, will protect you from the weather changes and will not require any great care of you. It is worth investing in it because of its soft leather which gives an incredible feeling and black colour that has always been synonymous with style.


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Photo: ClaireChic


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Even more, leather jacket gives charms. Want to look like a “bad” girl? The easiest way is to get a black leather jacket that suits your body shape and shapes your curves gently.


Photo: Kayture

These are a few examples of how my favourite fashion bloggers use the black leather jacket in their outfits. Maybe you will come up with ideas that will make your travel more comfortable and more stylish.

Photo: TheBlondeSalad


Photo: TheBlondeSalad

Do you have a favourite garment that you use almost all the time in spring and fall? And if you have a leather jacket, which style you like best?

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