Bulgarian Spring Salad

Bulgarian Spring Salad

Healthy, Delicious and Easy to Make

Spring for Bulgarians has been very important time of the year for centuries. As Bulgarian people are (maybe not so much anymore thanks to the globalization) traditionally agriculturally oriented, the spring was the period when the hard work begun and with it the hopes for better, more prosperous year too. You will ask me: what is the connection with recipe for salad? Well, it has all to do with the meaning we place on the Bulgarian spring salad.

In my country there is even saying: “To grab the green”. Its meaning is that at the time when we can start consuming lettuce (which natural growing period is spring and summer not year round!) the winter is over and with it the abundance of food and happiness begins.

Well, all these old beliefs are not so true anymore. We can buy fresh green salad all year round from the supermarket and even we don’t have a clue how to grow our own. But the emotions of hope and gratitude that this salad brings to the people in my country are still the same, for now. I don’t know if this will be true for my kid.

So, here it is, the recipe for the optimistic and full of nutritious ingredients Bulgarian spring salad:


1 head of lettuce

1 bunch of radishes

1 bunch of spring onions

3 boiled eggs


(1 cucumber – traditionally the cucumber is part of this salad but I don’t use it as it looks to me that the taste of the cucumbers at the period still not so good as it should be)

Sunflower or olive oil – to taste

Wine vinegar or Balsamico vinegar – to taste

Salt – to taste


This is a very simple salad, as you can see from the ingredients, and yet very healthy one. Traditionally it is seasoned with sunflower oil but I use always olive oil because it gives it a little bit of Mediterranean taste.

If you want to make the salad in its original way, you should cut the lettuce into thin strips, radishes and cucumber into thin slices and the onion finely chopped. Not only you should cut all ingredients in small pieces, but my mother and the women from her generation also squish the green salad with hands in order to release its juices.

However, as I am a ‘student’ of my French family too, I have learned that a green salad should be never crushed and even should be cut just with hands. Thus, it keeps its beneficial ingredients intact and its crispness.

As you can see in the Shopska Salad recipe as well, all my traditional recipes have a Mediterranean twist as I am trying to make them healthier.

Cut the lettuce in larger pieces or chop it with hands. The radishes should be cut into slices, the eggs into halves and the onions into tiny slices. Arrange the salad as it is shown on the picture. If you have some beautiful traditional bowl as part of your travel inspired interior at home, use it to make this traditional salad look amazing on your table. I’m sure your friends and family will be pleasantly surprised.

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Do you have favorite salad for the spring time? What are its ingredients?



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