10 reasons Why You Can’t Travel Constantly


If you follow travel bloggers and read often articles about travel, you may have the impression that most of them are travelling all the time and never stop. You probably think that they achieved the “nomadic lifestyle” for which you dream so much. They have freedom and earn money by being free to travel constantly. Well, I have a surprise for you. They don’t travel all the time. They spend a lot of time travelling but they also have periods when they go back to their home and families, take the time to plan new trips and projects, develop networks … and more importantly – to recharge, to relax and to enjoy their mother’s homemade cooking (for example).  And these are the reasons why they, same like you, can’t travel constantly.

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1 – You Have a Family 

And your family needs you. Sometimes there are moments in the person’s life when you need to be next to your closest people. And there are those who support you in your bad moments. Even if you are one of the lucky ones that travel with their family, you still have parents to care about and visit sometimes. So, you need to go back home.

2 – You Need Time to Create a Real Relationship

Nomadic lifestyle has many disadvantages. Friendship, like every other type of relationship, needs time to blossom. Travel helps you find friends but only the time spent together can bring your friendship into a deeper, more valuable level. Same goes for your romantic life. 

3 – You Need a Place to Call Home

”My home is my castle”. And I believe that everyone needs a place where he/she feels safe and at the right place. No matter if this is your childhood home or new home you found during your travels, or just a person to whom you come back, you need a place to relax and be yourself.  

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4 – You Are an Introvert

Introverts are people who recharge their energy levels in solitude. It’s not that they want to be alone all the time, they just get exhausted when need to spend too long time among other people. And introvert can look really outgoing and social, but after time they need to go “home” and spend some time alone to increase their energy levels.

5 – You Are a Mother

The best and most rewarding job in the world is to be a mother, but it’s also the most conditioning your existence. If you are a mother, you postpone every dream you have; you even forget your true self and wait until there is a better time, more money or just when kids are grown up. I understand this choice, just don’t reject every adventure, you can still have fun sometimes and even if it’s for a short weekend.

6 – You Need Space to Be Creative and Keep On Creating

If you are a creative person, and many women are, you need a place where your inner emotional self can be communicated in hobbies or just creating things. I speak about beautiful things that you may or not may not use to gain some additional income. It is difficult to keep creating beautiful items on the road because you need supplies and tools.

7 – You Need Place to Heal and Take Care for Your Health

If you are travelling extensively, you can get tired and exhausted with the time.  Your body and soul start to crave a place to rest. It is not uncommon to get sick when you travel. And if you travel all the time, it can be really difficult to cure. Sometimes you just need to settle, at least for a while.

8 – You need to Study or Acquire New Skills

Not only young people spend years in college. More and more people go back to school or college to acquire more knowledge, to change their professional paths or just to learn new skills. Despite the online courses, for many subjects, you need to be physically at the place and train your skills in real life.

9 – You Have Started a Project

You have, let say, starting a new business, creating a new product, working with local charity organization ….. you name it. You feel good helping people or creating something new. But you can’t follow these activities that are so satisfying for you if you are all the time on the road.

10 – You Become Nostalgic

Soon or later, I believe everyone starts to feel this deeply buried and suppressed feeling of nostalgia. You start dreaming of tasting again the same food you know since your childhood, you miss your family, friends, even your school teachers start to feel closer than they ever have been to you. Everything connected with home looks better and you remember only the good things of your life at home. This is the destiny of the expats and immigrants – you wish to be at two places at the same time, but of course, you can’t. That’s why the nostalgia is the bitterest feeling one can have when travel or live abroad for a long time.

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The truth is that even back home, you will never find a place to feel really settled. Why is that? As I wrote in How Expat Life Changes You in Sensational Ways you will miss all the weird foods and different people, the different time flow and pace of life and will never feel totally back home. Your mind will always wander in other lands, remembering or dreaming of other places and experiences.  So, make the most of your travels but always go back home for some time. Don’t give time to the nostalgia to find you! 🙂 

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Can you add some more reasons to the list?

One Comment on “10 reasons Why You Can’t Travel Constantly

  1. I’d also add: you need to have perspectives and a basis for your future.

    This includes professional perspectives. We all need to learn and develop further.

    Besides, we get old and we just can’t omit thinking about the future. Not worrying, but planning, getting prepared.
    What will you do when you get old? One has to think about that as well.

    Traveling still remains the peak experience that I adore!

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