Things To Do in the Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town South Africa

Eclectic Experiences & Amazing Vistas – This is Cape Town South Africa

Nothing can prepare you for the eclectic and colorful, unimaginably interesting and complex atmosphere of Cape Town South Africa!

The city, whose name is a reference point for the most southwestern point of the African continent, is like no other in the world. You can compare it only with mastodon megacities whose unique and important location transform them into adverbs; cities like Istanbul, Sydney or St. Petersburg.

Cape Point

A place worth paying the entrance fee is the Cape Point – where the African continent ends, its southwestern side. Cape Point is interesting not only because of its geographical location but also because of the wonderful views that your mind will have difficulty to assimilate at first glance. Everywhere you turn, the infinite expanse of the joining here Atlantic and Indian Oceans is framed by the white-sand beaches, cliffs that have the color of Sahara and unique for this place bushes, which seemingly dead branches are decorated with bright red flowers as if they too celebrate the just-passed Christmas. Go to Cape Point in the early morning to avoid the ticket queues, but also to prevent sunburn.


The next must-visit spot in Cape Town is the so-called Malay Quarter or Bo-Kaap. It is likely that you came across photos on the social networks of this so remarkable neighborhood. The colorful houses, built side by side and painted as if a competition for candy-colored houses was taking place at that time, can be seen only in this part of the city. The lines of the houses sitting on the both sides of the sloping streets are interrupted from time to time by mosques, each with its own unique architectural design.

This neighborhood was and is still home to the Muslim population of Cape Town that came from Malaysia centuries ago. The Malay slaves brought with them their culture (of which we are most grateful for the Malaysian cuisine so popular in town) and have created a small, distinguished island that enriches the cultural diversity of the city. The best thing is that it is free of charge to stroll the streets, unlike the visits of most tourist sites in Cape Town. However, you need to know which streets are safe for a walk, and which are not. In general, stay on the main streets of the neighborhood or ask your tour guide.

Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach is where you get the closest access to one of wildlife wonders of South Africa – the black-footed penguins ( known also as jackass penguins). Here you have to pay an entry fee and be aware that it is a very touristy spot. Come early, if you want to enjoy the place without the crowds.

 It is very interesting how these wild animals live so close to the people – there are houses up on the hill and below, on the beach, you see the pretty big colony of penguins

Green Square Market

Green Market Square came out to be a focal point for souvenir shopping in Cape Town South Africa. In my opinion, it’s not the best place to have a real local experience but if you want to buy some African mementos or gifts, it is probably the best place to find a large choice of items for a better bargain.

Dolphin Beach

This is the place where I wished to have more time to stay. Located in the Cape Town’s neighborhood of the same name, this beach gives you the best view of Table Mountain and its long white-sand half-moon shaped body is a great place to have spent the day playing, picnicking or just enjoying the sun. The water here is not good for swimming because of the cold current but the beach is popular among surfers.

Ostrich Farms

For the foodies, it is a must to visit an ostrich farm. In these farms, you will not only see these funny animals, learn more about them, hold an ostrich egg in your hand, but also can try their delicious meat. It was the most delicious steak I’ve ever tried, and it contains 0% fat!

Lion’s Head

I didn’t include a visit to the Table Mountain for a reason. It is the most popular tourist attraction in Cape Town and you probably have seen a thousand pictures of this “most beautiful view of Cape Town”; the day when I tried to going there, thousand people already were waiting at the ticket offices at 8 o’clock in the morning. Instead, I did something else – equally beautiful and less stressful. Just at the front at Table Mountain cable car point is the Lion’s Head – the local’s favorite place for picnics. The view is magnificent, people much less, and walking around the Signal Hill you can have some interesting encounters – with birds, local people or even take the leap with a paraglide as it is the best place for this in Cape Town.

V & A Waterfront

Arriving in Cape Town, the first thing you will probably do will be to go to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, simply because the first thing you hear about in Cape Town is this place. Indeed, this is the heart of the city, but what a fast beating and panted heart! Over the years, this beautiful place has lost little of its charm due to two reasons. The first reason is the indiscriminate construction of buildings in various architectural styles and with different heights. There is no consensus or a unified urbanization plan to help maintain the classic look of the city. There are only a few of the old Dutch style buildings here and they look lost among the cacophony of different building shapes and materials.

The second reason is that the popularity of the site brings too many people – even on a weekday, you will have to make your way through a diverse crowd. Tourists from all over the world, speaking all sorts of languages and local people of all ethnic groups existing in South Africa, stroll around. Despite its overcrowding, V & A Waterfront has to be seen. But it will not be the best what you will remember from this city.

9 Cape Town Wine Regions

But what will surely leave you with a long aftertaste, not only in your mind but also on your palate, is the visit of the three wine regions near Cape Town. Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek, as similar as they look are different from one another even if located in close proximity. Stellenbosch is the largest of the three and has a Mediterranean climate; Paarl is distinguished not only with its wine but also with the beautiful Danish homes and the “Spice Road” where you can sample many local specialties; Franschhoek is “the French corner”. The Huguenots settled here because they were exiled from France. As the local Afrikaans of Dutch ancestry forbade them to speak French, today none of their descendants speak the language of their ancestors. However, you feel the French spirit in the farms, wineries and restaurants’ names. You will see names like La Provence and Le Cartier Francais and many others. The wine in all three areas is very good, but each differs because of their unique microclimates.

Cape Town Fish Market

Cape Town Fish Market seems to be an institution in Cape Town. This is a franchise chain of restaurants that is advertised as a sushi restaurant but I advise you to visit it because of its Fish or Chicken Curry. It is a must because of its delicious food, quick and good service and good prices. You will find one at V & A Waterfront.


Before planning your trip, check if you do need a visa to visit South Africa. Citizens of many countries need one. You do not need a vaccination to travel to South Africa. However, depending on the places you plan visiting and how much time you plan to spend outdoors (especially if you will sleep outside), you should prevent and minimize mosquito bites to prevent cases of malaria.

More and more companies offer direct flights to Cape Town (try to avoid traveling through Johannesburg Airport because of the many cases of lost or delayed luggage). One of your best options is the Royal Dutch Airlines KLM (love their slogan: “KLM, A Journey of Inspiration”), part of Sky Team. Use their Frequent Flyer program Flying Blue to collect miles. 

South Africa is one of the most visited destinations in the world, especially when winter is in full swing in Europe and North America. Despite its high standard of life and prices, it is definitely worth the budget, because no one can remain indifferent to the WARM SUN, GREAT MIX OF PEOPLE, DELICIOUS FOOD and FRIENDLINESS.

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