Cape Town Travel Guide for Women

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The guides from this series are specially designed for women.

They give practical information about all aspects of your travel, including specific topics like hygiene and safety.

Cape Town Travel Guide for  Women  PDF 

It is said that Cape Town is the most beautiful city in South Africa. But Cape Town is much more than this. The city is attracting many visitors for many reasons. Here are some of them:

  • The safest city in South Africa to visit (Johannesburg has a much worse name in this matter)
  • Eclectic atmosphere with many different ethnic groups represented; rich architectural styles & traditional cuisines; modern & old in the same place


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  • Great variety of tourist attractions
  • Easy to travel to because of the international airport and increasing number of air companies offering direct flights

The Cape Town travel guide for women answers questions like – do I need a visa, what are the weather conditions and what type of power plugs are used in South Africa; is the tap water drinkable, can I drive in the country with my driving license and are the major credit cards accepted? Also, you will know more about safety, health and vaccination, what to do before the trip and how to travel to and within Cape Town. 

Solo female travel tips, packing tips and guidelines to travel accommodations are included in the Cape Town travel guide for women as well. 

You will get my personal recommendations about restaurants, shopping and what to do and see (divided into two groups – very popular and less popular, to make your choice easier), as well as directs contacts you may use to facilitate your travel. 

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