Cars in CUBA – A Very Good Reason to Visit the Country

cars in cuba

Old American Cars in CUBA

The moment when she realizes that she is in Cuba for real, for the European woman is accompanied by a very strange feeling of surrealism. You’re on a tropical island in the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by the warmth of the climate and people; the palm trees are waving their leaves above your head and misery is everywhere … and you are literally surrounded by old American cars like those used in the old gangster films of Hollywood. It seems to you that something does not make sense. There is some discrepancy, but it’s what makes Cuba a unique culture and reality. As much as I want people to live a better life in Cuba, and so I hope they and their country to remain as authentic as it is now. This country is one of my favorite destinations and the old American cars in Cuba, painted in bright, saturated colors, definitely add to the feeling of light and extravagant island life. At least from the tourist perspective.


Old cars Cuba

The car of American gangsters from the 30s. Frankly, its appearance was causing my curiosity – I wondered if even now it is not hiding secrets behind its black window glasses?


There is an interesting contrast between the rich bold design of the American car and the simple presence of the Soviet Moskvich.


This is the car of the typical lady tourist in Cuba. Of course, the bright pink convertible comes complete with a nice Cuban driver. Quite often women are traveling solo or accompanied by other ladies. I’m sure they spend a great time in Cuba!


The good news is that here those old car models are found in a variety of colors -the more original the color the more noticeable is the car. And apparently, this is the purpose.


These vintage cars can be seen everywhere in Cuba. This picture was taken at one of the cobbled streets of Trinidad.


Again in Trinidad – this was the car that stood out among the huge variety. It possesses harmony between colors – pink and creamy and design. There is nothing superfluous, nothing ornate. Every woman would like to sit behind the wheel. Don’t you think?

Colors of Trinidad

The same car as seen against the Cuban color palette. In Cuba, everything is color and warmth in their every sense.


The same car. From the backside looks like completely different. It is same like a woman – each of us has two faces – the girl who wants to lean on somebody’s shoulder to cry on and the queen, fighting for happiness and success in life.


There were crowds of tourists around this car in central. Everyone wanted to take a photo of this white gem.




Red is the second favorite color of Cuban drivers. And it looks great on their cars.






The variety and number of these old cars was one of the things that amazed me mostly in Cuba. I knew they existed, but did not expect to see such abundance.



Pinar del Rio is a city whose streets are filled with old colonial architecture and the large old American cars made its streets look even narrower.


Some cars have an additional charm, probably caused by an entrepreneurial flair. As Americans couldn’t travel to Cuba until recently, the Canadians were the largest group of tourists visiting the country. And since the majority of visiting Cuba employs these old cars for a day or more, drivers struggle to excel in some way from their competitors and to attract the right customers.



One of the best places where you can use beautiful decor to shoot the cars is Cienfuegos. Its old colonial architecture with a French influence is expressed by the perfect whiteness of the buildings and the colors and shapes of the cars stand out even more in contrast with the clear Caribbean sky.


Cubans love their cars, and even though they are quite hard to maintain (many old parts have been replaced by hand-made or taken from the Russian vehicles for lack of an alternative) are proud of them. And could it be otherwise? Many of them earn their living with these cars and spend a lot of time on the road in their embrace. Let’s hope that these cars will continue to be part of the Cuban reality, because nowhere else in the world will not find such a rich colorful splendor of old cars.

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