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best romantic riads in Morocco

Enjoy the well-renowned Moroccan hospitality and choose one or more of the traditional Moroccan riads for a romantic getaway!…

expat life in Ethiopia - interview

Leaving your home is not easy. Living in a foreign country even more difficult. What it is to live as an expat in Ethiopia – interview about my experience in Mekelle, Ethiopia.

5 places to visit in Tunisia-cover

As the country is recovering from the huge drop and expected to increase its tourist flow in 2018, this travel-inspiring blog post features 5 of the best places to visit in Tunisia.

Tanzania and Zanzibar travel tips - cover

Tanzania is one of the most beautiful African countries. It combines everything – from the white beaches of Zanzibar, the beauty of the national parks Ngorongoro and Serengeti, through the mighty mountain Kilimanjaro to the unique mixture of local tribes amongst which the most significant one is the tribe of the Maasai people…


There is no more magical Moroccan city than Marrakech. No other place can compete with its voluptuous red and sophisticated atmosphere. But how you can make your trip to the imperial city remarkable and unforgettable? This Marrakech for women article will give you ideas for original and women-friendly activities to help you enjoy the city in its full potential…

Cape verde Islands travel tips

Do you know that there is a Caribbean paradise just 5 hours flight from Europe? Cape Verde Islands have natural beauty and charm. And although it becomes more popular as a tourist destination, the islands remain still unspoilt….

Maurutius is-cover

There are places on Earth that for the ordinary traveler seem impossible to reach either because they are not easily accessible or too expensive to travel to. Mauritius is one of these destinations that look almost unreal, as they exist in another physical dimension. Like many places that have given the meaning of the word “paradise”, Mauritius is the prototype of Heaven.

the best guest house in Nelspruit

We heard of Chez Vincent from a friend while we organised our New Year’s trip to South Africa. We needed to stay in Nelspruit for a night before going to a safari at one of the private game reserves in Kruger National Park. At that time I already suspected that this is the best, Read More

Cape Town South Africa

The city, whose name is a reference point for the most southwestern point of the African continent, is like no other in the world. You can compare it only with mastodon megacities whose unique and important location transform them into adverbs; cities like Istanbul, Sydney or St. Petersburg…

books about Africa-cover

“I dreamed of Africa” is only one of the books that will make your desire to travel to Africa burn as an eternal fire…. Because once you step on this amazing continent, you will love it forever. Africa is the birth of the humanity but more importantly, it is still today the place where the people, at their will or not, live the simplest life.

visit Ethiopia - cover

This beautiful and remarkable country should be better known and more visited…

out of the beaten path in Morocco_cover

Morocco is popular destination for few reasons one of them being its unique sceneries and authentic culture. In such touristy environment, the unusual, less popular places become especially attractive.

5 Places in Marrakech_cover

My heart stayed in Marrakech. My wish is one day to go back and to embrace again its imperial glory and oriental colors and aromas for at least one week. Because one-two days are not enough to dive deep and feel the real Marrakech – the city of kings and French movies stars…


I doubt that there is a woman who doesn’t dream of visiting Morocco…


What can cause a woman to visit Ethiopia? And what to expect from your trip there? I decided to share the experience gained during my one-year stay there, as the country is less popular for tourists, but very interesting.

EL BAHIA palace Marrakech

Marrakech is one of the places in Morocco with many faces and stories to tell. The medina is where the real life of ordinary people happens – colourful, noisy and even dusty.  In stark contrast are places like the El Bahia Palace.

hotel saghro-cover

After a day spent in the desert, on the next one we were on the road to Ouarzazate. The route crosses the city of Tinehrir which looks completely uninteresting at first glance. However! On top of the hill we saw building with view to the entire valley – red dust, green palms (also covered with dust) and red cubes of clay houses. So we’ve decided to check the place.

In Marrakech as a woman

The city of Marrakesh has many faces.But if you want to see the real life of Marrakesh you should visit its beating heart – the Medina. As in every country, to know its culture you have to see how the simple people live. In the Medina you can observe their daily life, work, bargaining, selling the production of their own hands.