what to do in Havana fo a day

What to do in Havana for a day? One day is not enough to go deeper and experience the Cuban life truly but it is certainly sufficient to get Havana under your skin.

10 reasons to visit Cuba right now

These 10 reasons to visit Cuba are my attempt to make you take this trip as soon as possible, before the country changes and globalization hits its core value – simplicity.

rooster fight in Cuba

There are moments in life when circumstances catch you so surprisingly that you can’t even react. Even if you understand what happens around you…


While Cuba becomes much more accessible for tourists from all over the world and its authenticity will start to fade with the masses of tourists, there are still places that keep this untouched and absolutely authentic mix of Caribbean roots and Communist reality.

Romantic Museum-Trinidad-cover-photo

The most beautiful museum in Cuba is the Romantic museum, located right at front of the beautiful Plaza Mayor. Many people see it just like a beautiful house, which it is, and pass by without entering inside this jewelry box…


Havana is not just a city but a whole world. Despite that the Valley of Vinales is my favorite place in Cuba, Havana is so abounding with colors, culture and life that one day is not enough to explore it and understand it…

“Good food is very often, even most often, simple food.” – Anthony Bourdain. The food and drinks in Cuba are one of the things you will remember best from your trip to the Caribbean country.

This Cuban recipe is simple, easy to prepare and yet tasty and can fit any occasion – for family holiday, Sunday brunch with friends or movie night with white wine with your love one. Thanks to Jorge, Raul and Glenn from Three Guys from Miami for share it with us!

Vinales Valley - Cuba

This post I wrote in Cuba in the evening after spending an incredible day in Viñales Valley. Although in my eyes this valley is heaven on earth, I best remember the hours spent in the tobacco farm.

what to buy in Cuba

During my trip to Cuba, many original items caught my attention in markets, state shops, farms and even in hotels. Here I have listed the most interesting of them so that you know what to look for in Cuba when deciding on gifts shopping. Take them home as a treasured memory of this Caribbean country changing so rapidly in the recent years…

wandering in Trinidad

Wandering the streets of Trinidad, one finds herself immersed in another time when the slaves were working in the sugar fields and Spanish showed their wealth by importing French furniture and Bohemian crystal from Europe…

10 things every woman should know before going to Cuba

Dreaming of visiting Cuba? Here are 10 things that you should know as a woman before taking the flight. 🙂


I have spent two weeks on roads of Cuba and this post is about the most interesting places to be visited there. Cuba is very special and colorful country, with many contrasts and problems/pleasures. You have to see for yourselves.