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Maldives Islands-cover

What do you imagine when you think of the Maldives Islands? Do you think of exquisite luxury travel style that you believe is unattainable to you? As it came out, it is not such an impossible dream. Read the tips of our contributor Jana who recently came back from the Maldives and shares her experience in order you can travel to this dreamy destination it as well.

Visiting Mumbai-cover

Mumbai is probably not the first place you would think of visiting in India. But it is worth visiting mostly because of its powerful and yet diverse lifestyle and sightseeing choices. Imagine yourself visiting markets and temples during the day, and at night testing the tempting choices of meals and drinks, bars and eateries, mixing with the young people of India…

Sri Lanka-cover

Some tourists come to Sri Lanka to see wild elephants in their natural environment and others to visit the multiple temples…


Are you dreaming of but wondering if it is safe visiting Iran as a woman? To be honest, before working on this guest article, I had the notion that Iran is one of the countries where I don’t want to go because it is ‘sounds and looks’ unsafe, especially for a woman…


I have never been to Indonesia but there is one place that I found recently online that makes me feel like I should plan a trip to this Asian country as soon as possible. This is Bandung Indonesia. While I was reading about Bandung, it occurred to me that there are so many interesting destinations that we don’t know about, especially in Asia, a continent that became a very popular destination in the past years but still has secrets to tell us…

What to see in Japan for 10 Days_cover

The cities that are included in this post will give you different experiences – from the lively modern life to ancient historical places and back to high skyscrapers in the middle of the largest city in the world. They are very different and yet represent the Japanese life and culture as it was in past and as it is now…


Japan is a country like no other. Often travelling to Japan can be a real challenge that’s why here are 13 facts that every woman should know before visiting Japan.