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visiting Sofia_cover

Sofia is underrated destination. Many travelers come here with the main reason to save money because Bulgaria is one of the most affordable countries in Europe. And when they finally arrive in Sofia they are inevitably surprised by the vivid life and multicultural face of the city.


I have been to Kavala few times before. But every time I was passing by without considering it enough interesting to stay for a while and visit its center. As some of you probably read in the past, I am not big fan of Greece. But it looks this is about to change.

the most romantic city in the world -cover

Is it true that Paris is the most romantic city in the world? Let’s find out!

Merry Cemetery -cover

During my four months stay in Romania the place I liked most was a … cemetery. I know, it sounds creepy and most of the time I avoid going to places that make me sad. But Merry Cemetery is neither sad nor creepy. It is in fact the happiest place I have ever seen in Europe!

visiting Russia in winter

Visiting Russia in winter has its positive and negative sides. There is no doubt, and I believe you will agree with me, that Russia is one of those few countries that deserve special attention during winter months.

Hilton Leningradskaya

I will never forget my stay in Hotel Hilton Leningradskaya in Moscow. Often I spend nights at places that don’t leave me with something special to remember. Hilton Lelingradskaya is not one of these places.

best places to visit in Eastern Europe

This post about Eastern European destination ideas is to help you chose your starting point in exploring this part of the continent. 

How to dress like a Russian

Did you ever wonder how Russians look so fashionable during the cold winter months? It’s so difficult to keep warm and be so elegant! How to dress like a Russian woman in winter? Here are their secrets! 

cover_Saint Petersburg

Winter in Russia is famously cold and difficult for the foreigner. But what is Russia without the snow and the beautiful fur hoods?! …

New Year in Moscow cover

Moscow looks stunning; Moscow shines with hundreds and thousands of lamps, uncountable number of Christmas trees, and a lot of …


The best trips are those that bring unexpected pleasure and discoveries. Discovering Cuneo was a real adventure and confirmed that …

Afternoon tea at kensington gardens-cover

It was an unbelievably sunny and soft November day in London. It looked like the well known rainy days in grey hues were stories from another life and …

unusual places in bulgaria_cover

Bulgarian travel bloggers shared their special, less known places with you and I am sure you will feel touched by the uniqueness of the Bulgarian nature and culture.

Le Procope-cover

The art in France covers all the aspects of life – music, acting, written word, architecture, fashion, etiquette … and food, of course! There is one place in Paris which incorporates all of these …


As every curious person you probably try to see a place with different eyes, from different perspective. Here are few original ways to help you discover London, the busy, roaring capital, which is most probably the most varied city, in terms of human factor, megalopolis in Europe.

The Best kept secret of Amsterdam-cover

One of the coolest places in Amsterdam and big surprise for me in this city of bicycles and stoned people was Artis Zoo. It is located conveniently in the heart of the city and it is well governed and displays great variety of animal species in very natural habitats.


London is famous among other things, with its numerous free of charge museums. There are 45 museums (!!!) that you can visit for free, most of them are open 7 days a week, including public holidays…


To understand Bulgaria you HAVE TO spend some time in Plovdiv, its old but also new cultural capital and one of the oldest cities in world…