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Bulgaria is an affordable destination by all means but you can save even more money by using these tips. These Sofia free activities are something you can do all year round and more importantly – where you will find many locals too…

Chambord castle-cover

When I was a kid, my favorite fairytale was La Belle au bois dormant – “Sleeping Beauty” by Charles Perrault. I think the history did not matter so much to me as the environment presented in the story. An unreal, fantasy world, which was so far from my socialist real world. Years later, I found this unreal world in the real one – when I visited the Chambord Castle in France…


Is really Brindisi the ugliest city in Southern Italy, as the Italians say? Let’s walk the streets of Brindisi together to see by ourselves!

Hotel Opera Munich_cover

Staying in the lovely little Hotel Opera in Munich was a great part of the delightful time I’ve spent in this german city…