visit Gudeloupe

Guadeloupe has been on my radar ever since I watched the tv series Death in Paradise. The French Antilles are one part of the Caribbean that is extraordinary because of the mix between French, Creole and East Indian cultures. It’s a heavenly-looking part of the world with a vibrant way of life that can be felt easily in the everyday life and on the streets…

less touirsty things to do in Paris -cover

On February 9th Air France celebrated the 20th anniversary of their hub at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. It is a good occasion to share some ideas how to escape the usual trap and see this much loved city in a different way – by exploring the less touristy things to do in Paris…

Galerie Lafayette cover

Galerie Lafayette is remarkable place, soaked with history, elegance and bourgeois feel. An important part of the French business and fashion culture, there is no doubt why it is named as the second most popular tourist attraction in Paris.

the most romantic city in the world -cover

Is it true that Paris is the most romantic city in the world? Let’s find out!

Le Procope-cover

The art in France covers all the aspects of life – music, acting, written word, architecture, fashion, etiquette … and food, of course! There is one place in Paris which incorporates all of these …

top castles in Loire Valley-cover

Loire Valley covers a region of 170 km in the central part of France. From more than one hundred castles opened to the public, you can limit the list to a few that absolutely deserve to be seen. The top castles in Loire Valley are different from one another but all were constructed during a French historical period …


France is a popular destination for travelers and Paris is even the most visited city in the world! But France is not only about its chic capital and French Riviera…


“Chateau du Vau” is a small hotel in Loire Valley, France, which will offers only bed and breakfast. But what a bed and breakfast!

Going to Paris for three days? Are these three days enough? What’s the most interesting to see in the city of lights? These are probably the questions that are bothering you before your trip. These are my favorites. And it is so because they are often free of charges, good for walking and not so crowded as some of the other famous tourist sites.

Paris passage - cover

Perfect for hiding from the heat in August or the cold wind in November, these very special places will surprise you pleasantly with their Parisian charm and calm atmosphere. As opposition to the super crowded popular tourist spots in Paris, the passages are not only still unpopular among the tourists but also a little bit difficult to find…

la prairie de la rencontre-cover photo

One place that many French people like is La Prairie de la rencontre. It is important point and very emotional moment from the French history and it is remarked by a horseback statue of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Montmartre - cover

Montmartre is the place with the most artistic Parisienne feel. Despite the many tourists that wander the streets around, the atmosphere of the old times when some (now) famous painters have lived and worked on the hill can be felt today. But if you listen to the Charles Aznavour’s song ‘La Boheme’, the bohemian spirit of Montmartre is long gone …


The first time when I visited Bandol eleven years ago, I noticed the large number of well-maintained, elegant pensioners on the cafe terraces of the harbor…

Chambord castle-cover

When I was a kid, my favorite fairytale was La Belle au bois dormant – “Sleeping Beauty” by Charles Perrault. I think the history did not matter so much to me as the environment presented in the story. An unreal, fantasy world, which was so far from my socialist real world. Years later, I found this unreal world in the real one – when I visited the Chambord Castle in France…


Where’s Mirepoix?  It happened a few years ago. The brother of my husband had talked about this small town, which apparently is a place of particular interest. We never heard of Mirepoix before and didn’t know what to expect.  We were travelling to the most southwestern part of France; where France and Spain kiss, Read More