Athens - cover

If you haven’t been to Athens yet, it is probably time to do so. In addition to the reasons I listed below, I can say that the Greek capital is calm and safe place for travel…


I have been to Kavala few times before. But every time I was passing by without considering it enough interesting to stay for a while and visit its center. As some of you probably read in the past, I am not big fan of Greece. But it looks this is about to change.


Athitos or also called Afitos is a village on the westernmost peninsula of Halkidiki, which fascinates the traveler with the charm of a small provincial seaside town. It has preserved its individuality among the many new and updated tourist complexes. Being in Athytos, one feels that time slows down and begins to flow with the texture of thick, sweet honey.

Greek moussaka recipe

During the wonderful five days of female paradise that I spent with friends in Greece happened that I tasted Greek moussaka at three different places…