Cape verde Islands travel tips

Do you know that there is a Caribbean paradise just 5 hours flight from Europe? Cape Verde Islands have natural beauty and charm. And although it becomes more popular as a tourist destination, the islands remain still unspoilt….

Sri Lanka-cover

Some tourists come to Sri Lanka to see wild elephants in their natural environment and others to visit the multiple temples…

Maldives Islands-cover

What do you imagine when you think of the Maldives Islands? Do you think of exquisite luxury travel style that you believe is unattainable to you? As it came out, it is not such an impossible dream. Read the tips of our contributor Jana who recently came back from the Maldives and shares her experience in order you can travel to this dreamy destination it as well.


Are you dreaming of but wondering if it is safe visiting Iran as a woman? To be honest, before working on this guest article, I had the notion that Iran is one of the countries where I don’t want to go because it is ‘sounds and looks’ unsafe, especially for a woman…

photographer travels the world - cover

I am always interested and in search of women who travel with purpose; ladies who want not only to see the world but also to change it for better. One such woman is Mihaela Noroc, a photographer who travels the world to capture the universal beauty in its most natural and representative environment.

Antarctic expedition-cover

She is an engineer by education and writer by vocation. Her endless curiosity and passion for travel, together with the inimitable humor, are the essence of her books: “East in Eden”, “West of Paradise” and “Tutorial for deliberate murder of boredom”…

solo female travel challenges -cove

Today, more than ever, women have the possibilities to travel but one thing never changed – they are not equally seen as “entitled” to travel ALONE as the men.


What it is to be an expat and why the expat life changes you so much? Well, I can speak only from my own experiences…

Eli is also a romantic person who made a birthday surprise to her beloved man – a trip to Rome. Today on the blog we are share her impressions of Rome, the eternal city, which though eternal is eternally changing…

girls of Ethiopia-cover

The girls of Ethiopia. They do not travel. Or rather, do not travel in the sense that we attach to the word. And yet, each of them – young, old, pregnant or loaded with luggage, walks daily countless kilometers to reach the well water, the market or the house of relatives or friends…


Myanmar – exotic, yet not very known corner of the world. In today’s post, Diana introduces Myanmar as a destination for women – with interesting facts and practical tips to inspire you for a wonderful, sunny trip to the unknown Asia.

are women nomads -cover

Are women nomads by nature? Do they like nomadic lifestyle? I searched for an answer to my question and here is what I found about …