vegan snakc ideas for picnics

These day trips vegan snack ideas can be used by both – vegans and people who are not vegans or vegetarians but want to take time to clean their systems from slags and toxins. This is especially recommended in the spring months.

one-year challenge for health-cover

This April, I am starting my one-year challenge for health and happiness. On the way, I will be sharing my progress (or failures) with you. It will be a real test to see how the travel will affect my good intentions. I hope, this way you can follow your own path for creating better lifestyle; a lifestyle that will make you feel better in your skin and reduce all the factors that cause you feel unhappy.


I know that many people have fear of flying. A fear so strong that prevent them from seeing the world even if they want to…


Visiting faraway destinations is an amazing way to discover the world and learn more about other places and cultures. But when it comes to boarding a long haul flight, it is always challenging to stay in a good physical shape and spend those endless hours in the plane with less suffer. These onboard travel tips will help you make your next flight better in many ways…

healthy smoothies - cover

Do you feel as you are overeating every time you travel? Or that you always end up eating junk food no matter how much you try not to. I surely do! Although I like to taste local food, when I come back home, I switch to my usual eating style with a certain pleasure.These three recipes for healthy smoothies will help your body recover from a trip.

principles of healthy eating on the road

One of the most difficult aspects of the female travel is to stay in good fit and keep a relatively healthy diet. Often it seems impossible – we want to taste all these delicious local foods and we think: – if not now, when? But these are the 5 simple rules I try to follow for healthy eating on the road. If followed strictly, they can help you fight gaining weight and staying true to the real needs of your body.

In every country where I have resided for a long time, I have tried to learn from the local people the best that their culture has to offer. I have mostly appreciated the practical lessons that I have received. And they most often can be expressed through eating and drinking habits…

women's travel gadgets_cover

Menstrual cup, ‘stand-to-pee’ or sand-free beach mat? Would you like to have some of these women’s travel gadgets?


If you follow travel bloggers and read often articles about travel, you may have the impression that most of them are travelling all the time and never stop. You probably think that they achieved the “nomadic lifestyle” for which you dream so much…


I doubt that there is a woman who doesn’t dream of visiting Morocco…