Comfortable and Warm Shoes for Cold Weather Travel

Now is the time to take advantage of the discounts and get some comfortable and warm shoes for cold weather travel. Aren’t you happy when you can snap a deal? And even happier when your feet are feeling well during the long hours of walking and you can enjoy the refreshing winter trips without getting cold?

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One of the biggest concerns of women travelers is the comfort. It is important to feel well in order to enjoy fully your travel experience. Women travelers, however, are careful about their looks too…

the best travel belt for women

To be honest, I didn’t expect much from this belt. When the company contacted me asking to try their product and write a review, I was curious to try it, but didn’t think that this will become my favourite and the best travel belt I ever had!

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Do you want to look fashionable without carrying voluminous and heavy luggage? I hear you saying: Yes! The secret of making this happen every single time when packing for another trip is to use the mix and match rule. It’s not difficult to create mix and match travel outfits. The only thing you need to do is to combine different items that are interchangeable as a style and colors.

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Africa always has been a great inspiration for me. I use the unlimited color palette of this amazing continent for almost everything in my life – the interiors of my home, my clothing style, and even in my travel-inspired product line…

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One statement piece of jewelry can change the whole outfit. One of the world’s fashion icons – Coco Chanel, was an advocate of the simple elegance. But she had one rule – the jewelry should be one and should be bold!

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Some of the top fashion bloggers show us how to dress like ladies while exploring the world and enjoying the summer to the fullest.

The unpredictable weather that often occurs during the spring season makes the goal of stylish travel even more difficult. These are some of my travel outfits that you can use as an inspiration. Follow the rules below and you will always feel beautiful on your travels.


For the t-shirts and other items in the #WWTcollection I have used photos I have taken in different parts of the world and tried to represent the most special features of the place. For example – the red colors of Morocco and the funny way the Japanese display food…

How to dress like a Russian

Did you ever wonder how Russians look so fashionable during the cold winter months? It’s so difficult to keep warm and be so elegant! How to dress like a Russian woman in winter? Here are their secrets! 

Indian summer style_cover

Indian summer days are gifts from the nature! Outfit idea for your travel style…


Protecting our skin from the dangerous UV rays is important for long lasting beauty. One of the things that usually happens when we visit new place is to forget our usual beauty routine. In our excitement to embark on a new adventure, we often forget to take care about our main riches – our health…

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“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”- Leonardo da Vinci …


Summer is the time of flowers, sun, bees and butterflies, strawberries, sea and sand …


Recently someone told me that orange and pink color does not match. I can not agree. The secret of the color combination is to take into account the under-tones.

The black leather jacket is your best friend for a trip in the spring. It will provide you comfort, will protect you from the weather changes and will not require any great care of you…


Aren’t these inspired by cultures from around the world necklaces beautiful? They are ideal for the urban working woman, lacking adventure and also for the drifters in the world that have decided they will not spend their lives in a closed office…

How to choose your travel wardrobe-10 ideas-1

Ten tricks to choose your travel wardrobe so that no unnecessary items find a place in your luggage.