Historical Places

kilkenny old pub - cover

The Irish town of Kilkenny has a variety of experiences to offer to its visitors. The best known are the Medieval Mile and Kilkenny Castle (one of the castles in Ireland that must be visited!). However, Kilkenny has another, quirkier side – its old pubs. The discovery of this Kilkenny old pub by me and my friend was a pure case of serendipity!  

Chateau du Vau hotel reviw

Chateau du Vau is a small, rural hotel in France. It can be described also as a guest house born from one of the bourgeois houses inhabiting this part of the country…

Hilton Leningradskaya

I will never forget my stay in Hotel Hilton Leningradskaya in Moscow. Often I spend nights at places that don’t leave me with something special to remember. Hilton Lelingradskaya is not one of these places.

Le Procope-cover

The art in France covers all the aspects of life – music, acting, written word, architecture, fashion, etiquette … and food, of course! There is one place in Paris which incorporates all of these …

Hotel Opera Munich_cover

Staying in the lovely little Hotel Opera in Munich was a great part of the delightful time I’ve spent in this german city…