how travel improves your life

Travel improves your life in many ways. Some of the benefits of travelling the world are that you become more adaptable and learn to deal with unexpected obstacles; becoming less judgemental; the most important of all – you gain independence and confidence. But countries also teach us a lot…

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I want to travel to Australia ever since I remember. There is no absolutely clear reason for that but many unclear ones. To me, Australia is a place I want to see for the first time but also it seems that I will be going back to a place I know already. Have you felt this way about any destination in the world? Do you believe that we ‘remember’ our past lives? I begin to have serious doubts that this is true.

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Traditional white Christmas is what we think of when December comes to Europe. But what “traditional Christmas” means to other people? Looks like that the Christmas spirit around the world has different look, shapes, glitter, smell, and taste …


Traveling solo can be quite scary and challenging for a woman who never done it before. That’s why I suggest you read some of these books. You will see what other women have done and most importantly how they’ve done it. You will gain some confidence, will be entertained by the travel stories, and will learn some invaluable tips from the world’s expert on the matter…

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These tattoo designs for travel are the most common but for a reason. Simple and with clear meaning, they are beautiful in their simplicity. Of course, you can change their look but the symbolic behind each of these tattoo designs for travel will be always the same. Read more to understand what …

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Europe is continent like no other. In relatively small space one can find so many different cultures, languages, even alphabets, and variety of traditional food; different architectural styles, music, and most important – mentalities and lifestyles …

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There are simple ways to make your personal nest imbued with travel memories (or dreams). Use these tips to create unique place that fits your personality perfectly.

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It is difficult sometimes to keep your travel inspiration alive because you start to feel comfortable staying at home with everyday comfort and people you know from years.


You will probably agree with me that travel is one of the most pleasant and interesting things one can do with its time. ..


A person can travel in many different ways. Often the only tool you need is your imagination. The tv series listed below are some of my favorite and when watching them I find my mind wandering in faraway places, dreaming of ‘what could be to be there’.

From a very long time I wanted to share his story because there are very few people in this world like Fratello Angelo from the Catholic mission in Wukro, Ethiopia. And I hope all of you will have the honor to meet one person like him in your lives…

You have heard about Law of Attraction. You probably understand that your thoughts are creating your own reality. Visualization, as it is known, is very important factor in the process of achieving your goals…

most inspiring quotes Robin Sharma

These 10 most inspiring quotes from Robin Sharma will help you start your day positively and work efficiently on achieving your dreams.


Buongiorno, friends! Since yesterday I’m thinking about my stay in Sicily and especially for place called Scala dei Turchi. Last summer …