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Travel has its hidden evils. The tourism industry is getting sneakier at hiding animal abuse from us. They know that animal lovers would never knowingly pay for cruelty. Are any of these on your bucket list? It might be time for a re-write!

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In a search for new destinations, destinations that are both well touristy developed and having a strong policy in terms of responsible travel, I discovered a place that, although well known to many, is far from the point to be overcrowded and stressful.


Why visit the Dancing Bears Park, I hear you saying?

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On April 22nd we celebrate the Earth Day. To commemorate this date we power off our homes, plant trees, and join community cleanup events … The point is what we can do every day to help preserve the environment and be a good citizen of this planet?…

In an attempt to continue the series of posts “Let’s preserve the planet,” today I want to tell you about the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the film dedicated to this magical place. I think this film deserves to win the Oscar not only in the category of documentary filmmaking, but also as the best movie of the year. Why? Here are my arguments:

What EVERYONE can do for preserving the Planet? See my list: We all love to travel. We like beautiful sceneries, authentic experiences and the comfort of 21st century. But how long it will continue? Do you think that our children will know the world as we see it now? I doubt. They will probably, Read More