Traditional Food


Shaffron, dried lime, cinnamon and various herbs and nuts – this is what makes the Persian (or in modern days – Iranian) cuisine such a miracle of the senses.

Russian meals -cover

Definitely one of the best ways to understand the Russian people and way of life (especially in winter) is to try these 5 Russian meals. Every Russian meal makes sense when you experience the environment and will help you understand how Russians can stay so active during the usually lethargic winter months.

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Foodie or not, it is always pleasure to have a nicely looking and enticingly smelling food at front of you which taste leaves you with a life-long memories. Dig in the world of the best gastronomic destinations!

Bulgarian Spring Salad

In my country there is a saying: “To grab the green”. Its meaning is that at the time when we can start consuming lettuce (which natural growing period is spring and summer not year round!) the winter is over and with it the abundance of food and happiness begins…

Baci di dama recipe-cover

In Italy when it comes to chocolate delicacies people always look first to Piedmont. For this recipe we are going to Tortona …

Ukrainian borsch cover

The traditional borscht is one of the best dishes you can offer to your family in the cold winter days!

Italian coffee at home-Cover photo

Do you want to drink good coffee every day and save money at the same time? The mission is possible! Enjoy Italian coffee at home, learn from the best in the world! Here is how to do it.

pina colada recipe

There is still time to enjoy those summer days (and nights!) when the best spent time is to lay on the beach, sweet talk with friends and sip from the cold, sweaty glass with pina colada. This drink is like a kiss that you will not forget for a long time…


One of the sweetest ways to taste Bulgaria when traveling in the country is to try homemade rose petals jam. It is typical for Bulgaria because the country is traditional producer of rose oil which is used in the world’s perfume industry. You can use this rose petals jam recipe to make the jam at home.

“Good food is very often, even most often, simple food.” – Anthony Bourdain. The food and drinks in Cuba are one of the things you will remember best from your trip to the Caribbean country.

This Cuban recipe is simple, easy to prepare and yet tasty and can fit any occasion – for family holiday, Sunday brunch with friends or movie night with white wine with your love one. Thanks to Jorge, Raul and Glenn from Three Guys from Miami for share it with us!

Greek moussaka recipe

During the wonderful five days of female paradise that I spent with friends in Greece happened that I tasted Greek moussaka at three different places…

Shopska Salad Recipe variation - cover

I am a Bulgarian. And like all Bulgarians I love Shopska salad. It is the traditional and emblematic dish that no one other of the neighboring countries can claim to own it. The Balkan countries are mixture of similar culture due to their common historical past. This can be said about the cuisine as well.

Moroccan mint tea-cover

This is the recipe for traditional Moroccan mint tea that you can do at home. Its taste and aroma will bring you in Morocco and you will imagine yourselves…