How Looks Like CHRISTMAS in the Different Countries

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Wondering where to spend your next Christmas?

Christmas in the different countries may seem different but is equally enjoyed! 

Christmas time is one of the best times of the year. It allows families to unite again, even if it is just for few days. It is the time when you can stop thinking about obligations, plans and work; it is the time to enjoy the most precious in your life – the people and gratitude.

We all forget to be grateful for what we have. But at Christmas time we can finally stop running after our daily tasks or hurry to reach the next destination and appreciate all we have achieved in the year.

Christmas may seem different in the different countries but people enjoy (or hate) it for the same reasons. This collection of photos is to show the lifestyle in each destination where people equally enjoy the holiday but decorate and celebrate it in different ways.

Christmas in New York, USA

One of the best Christmas decorations you can see in New York. The city becomes a winter wonderland. In addition to the amazing decoration, there are plenty of things to do – music concerts, parties, shopping and shop’s displays watching …. You just can’t get bored at Christmas in New York!

New York -USA

NY-Radio city hall

Christmas in Miami, USA

How Miami celebrates the Christmas season? Well, with a lot of partying; watching living nativity with real donkey, camel and Jesus; skating in the Intercontinental Hotel; attending the Santa’s Enchanted Forest (the largest Christmas-themed amusement park located right in the heart of Miami. All these sound like too much fun. What do you think?   


Christmas in London, UK

Oxford Street, Covent Garden, the National history museum … you name it! There are plenty of corners in London where you can feel the Christmas spirit. What can you do to celebrate the holiday? Try ice skating at Canary Wharf, Eyeskate or Hampton Court Palace; visit the Christmas markets at London Bridge and Hyde Park or if you don’t have much time for all these just visit the Southbank Centre Winter Festival.


Christmas in London

Christmas in Athens, GREECE

Christmas in Athens can be quite a memorable adventure. The climate here is mild which allows spending a lot of time outside, including at the cafes where you can mix with the noisy locals. Make long walk in the streets under the Acropolis and enjoy the leisurely way of life in the Greek capital. There you will find many small and charming restaurants together with some interesting antique shops and plenty of original souvenirs.


Chritmas in Lviv, UKRAINE

Christmas in Ukraine can be quite cold… and fairy. Most of the years the snowfall starts at the beginning of December and at Christmas time (which in Ukraine is 6-7 January) everything around is clean with white. In the heart of the most beautiful city of Ukraine there is colourful Christmas market and the tall Christmas tree perfectly blends with the style of the Opera Theatre.  Enjoy your time here with some pretty good Christmas punch and traditional blinis with curd cheese.


Christmas in Vienna, AUSTRIA

During the Christmas holidays, Vienna is probably the most magical place in Europe. From the beginning of November, the city becomes invaded by the Christmas madness in all its forms, in a good way. The shop windows are magical, you can hear Christmas carols everywhere even in the supermarket. The Christmas markets pop up at every square and the enticing aromas of mulled wine and freshly baked pretzels burst in the air.

Christmas in Vienna-Austria

Christmas in Cienfuegos, CUBA

Cuba is one of the best countries where a person coming from cold climate can spend the Christmas holidays. Cuba is warm and festive all year round and Christmas time although not so decorative like in the rest of the Christian world, is one of the most enjoyed holidays. Take your family, pack your summer clothes and go have fun in Cuba! And don’t stop in Havana or Varadero, see the rest of this beautiful Caribbean island where the real Cuban life happens.



Christmas in Toronto, CANADA

I have never been to Canada (yet) and I can just repeat what Katia told me about Christmas in Toronto. The city is a multicultural hub and every cultural group celebrates Christmas according to its traditions. I guess people try to keep their traditions as much as possible as a sign of keeping their individuality, of who they are. Being tolerant of the others makes us a better person and in this case, makes a country better place to live. Merry Christmas, Canada!


Christmas in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

Amsterdam is an excellent destination all year round. However, Christmas time here can be a magical time to visit. Dam Square houses the largest Christmas tree in the city. At Museumplein, there is a Christmas Village where you will find Christmas market, ice skating and live performances. If you are tired of traditional Christmas activities, try seeing the World Christmas Circus and Amsterdam Light Festival.


Christmas in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

Australia is the dreamiest place for Christmas and New Year holidays. You may think – well, it is not typical Christmas place with snow and traditional meaty food and warm wine – but hey, what is better than spending the Christmas day on the beach?!!! I can’t think of something better. In addition, the shop windows are filled with mannequins in shorts and flip-flops, same like the customers themselves. What else can you do in Australia for Christmas? Have a barbecue on the beach; attend Christmas carols in the major cities, spent few days at camping ground … or anything else you want to do in nature. In Australia, the summer holidays just begin and it is the perfect time for spending time outdoors.



Christmas in Balti, MOLDOVA

Moldova is the least visited country in Europe. With this said, there are many reasons that make this country interesting to visit. First and most important for many travellers is that prices are low and a trip to Moldova will not drain your bank account. Second, the country is still developing so the environment is far from the western European lifestyle and a trip to Moldova can be refreshingly awakening. It is always good to travel to destinations with totally opposite lifestyle because you can compare and stay in the ‘golden’ middle. Christmas decoration in Moldova is somewhat simple as you can see but people are kind and enjoy Christmas like everywhere else.     


Christmas in Mecavnik, SERBIA

Christmas in Serbia is celebrated on 7th of January. Like the most of the Orthodox countries (with the exception of Greece and Bulgaria), Christmas comes after the New Year’s Eve. But similarly to Bulgaria, the Christmas Eve menu is meatless as this is the last day of the Christmas fast. If you want to try something traditional and close to nature, the wooden town of Mecavnik looks ideal for family Christmas holiday. 

Christmas in Serbia

Christmas in Turin, ITALY

Turin is one of the best destinations in Italy all year round. But if you want different Christmas, why not to go ahead and make your next Christmas full of Italian flavours. The snowy Alpine views beyond the city make it dreamy winter destination. Enjoy the Italian lifestyle with a lot of tasty food (Turin is famous for its chocolate and slow food restaurants) and amazing Christmas lights.

Christmas in Turin Italy

Christmas in Venice, ITALY

Typical for Italy and France are the Nativity Crib Scenes. The one on the picture I took a few years ago when spent the last days of the year in Venice. The Christmas decoration in the city of channels was poor but the traditions were kept and the crib was there, right on the famous San Marco Square. Somehow it was nice to see that modern decorations with halogen lights did not cover the authenticity of this so special city. This way the holiday felt more real.    


Christmas in Dresden, GERMANY

Germany is famous for its Christmas markets and together with Austria they spread this tradition all over the world. But the original is original. This year, the city of Dresden organizes its 581st market!!! What a long tradition! As one of the most popular markets in Germany, it is visited by millions every year. It looks like walking between the stalls of the market you fall in a fairytale. Wooden toys, handcrafted Christmas decorations, homemade food, mulled wine, concerts with Christmas carols … Do you need more convincing that Dresden during Christmas is one of the places you should include in your bucket list?!

Christmas market in Dresden

Christmas in Sanary, FRANCE

My favourite place in France – Provence Cote d’Azur – is beautiful not only during the summer when you can hear the seagulls and the beaches are occupied by people from different generations speaking different languages. During Christmas, Sanary is beautifully decorated and illuminated and the usually warm climate allows you to sit on the terrace enjoying your drink or meal. La crèche is a typical Christmas decoration that each family installs at home every year. Same like the Nativity crib scenes in Italy, the crèches are very decorative but the home variants much smaller. The figurines are called santons and traditionally they are handmade.  

Sanary Christmas

Christmas in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Malaysia is a country predominantly populated with Muslims but even Non-Christians are taken by the Christmas spirit. The shopping malls are decorated with big Christmas trees and they do everything to be the most exciting Christmas shopping scenes. There is a real competition between the malls for most attractive Christmas decoration. Apparently, Christmas in Malaysia is not holiday only for the Christians. It is more like a national time for cheering and greeting each other, for spending a good time with friends and relatives and finding an excuse for gift shopping! And we can say the Christmas tree at front of the Petronas Twin Towers is absolutely beautiful!

Kuala Lumpur-Malayasia

Christmas in Istanbul, TURKEY

In fact, in Istanbul, there is no Christmas spirit and Christmas trees on public squares. The one you see on the picture is in a restaurant that probably tries to attract the numerous foreign tourists visiting the city for the end of the year. And it is the only place where I have seen any holiday decoration in Istanbul. The lack of real Christmas feel should not stop you to spend this time of the year in the Turkish capital. The weather conditions are great and the sightseeing so vast of choice that you surely will spend your Christmas in a great way and will keep golden memories from the trip.



Christmas in Madrid, SPAIN

Madrid is another favourite destination in South of Europe. Christmas here is very decorative and gloriously beautiful despite the lack of snow. The amazing Spanish architecture adds a lot to the spirit of the place and during Christmas holidays the Spanish capital is abundant with festivities like Christmas markets (in Plaza de Espana and market San Miguel), Christmas trees and Christmas lights.


Christmas in Razlog, BULGARIA

Out of the beaten path, the town of Razlog offers one of the most traditional celebrations of Christmas in the whole country. If you wish to have peaceful Christmas celebration filled with tasty food, skiing and traditional folklore shows, this is the place for you. This year, in addition to all other festivities you will find an alley arranged with small Christmas trees in the heart of the town. Sit on the benches and watch the local life passing by. Enjoy the time of happiness in this small but lively town in the Bulgarian mountains.  


Christmas in Sofia, BULGARIA

With each year Sofia becomes more charming during the winter holidays. Walking at night is not only safe but shows you the city in its most beautiful perspective. During the month of December, the restaurants and bars are filled with crowds of excited and noisy people that at the end of the period are exhausted from partying but happy to spend time with their families in a calm homey atmosphere and sharing traditional dishes on the table. The two-three weeks before Christmas is “devoted” to corporate celebrations, the few days of Christmas to the family, and often the New Year’s Eve is spent with friends somewhere out of the home, in the mountains if possible.  

Christmas in Sofia-Bulgaria

This was collaboration post and I am grateful to all friends and family members that helped me with their photos and information.Thank you all!

Ivan, Diana, Tanya, Dani, Izabela, Laurence, Alexandre, Elena, Katia, Eli, Anjeza and Anastasia!  

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