CUNEO: Out of the Beaten Path in Italy


The best trips are those that bring unexpected pleasure and discoveries. Discovering Cuneo was a real adventure and confirmed that in Italy there are plenty of places, out of the beaten path, where one can get lost and find authentic charm.

My trip to Cuneo started in France. It was one day visit and large part of the pleasure was the magnificent views of the Alps. The road is snaking and the border invisible. Without realizing it, you cross from the one country to the other and just the slight change of the architectural styles make you understand that you are not on French territory anymore.


When you finally reach Cuneo, park the car and look around, the beauty of the Italian language hits you. How language can be so melodic?! You just can’t get enough of listening to it.  

About Cuneo

The city is the regional capital of the province of Cuneo, not far from Turin in the northern part of Italy. The city is special with its Alpine views and thermal water.  The city is surrounded by two rivers – Gesso and Stura.


Why go

Cuneo is not very popular among foreign tourists. And should be! The city’s centre is like a small jewellery box full of shining diamonds and sapphires. In Cuneo, you find all the amazing things with which Italy enchants the foreigner, and even more.  The sweetest gelato, narrow colourful streets, windows adorned with flowers and religious festivals, Cuneo has everything to offer you!


When to go

Best are mid seasons. The city was built in a valley between two rivers. Even with its proximity to the Alps Mountains, during the summer the temperatures in Cuneo can hit high. Even the refreshing limonchello cannot help on hot days!


Where to eat

Taverna Belvedere

Freshly made pasta and meat meals made using old authentic recipes are the specialities of this restaurant. The view from the terrace is splendid! The restaurant is widely visited by Italians and locals, which speaks a lot about the quality of the food. Just next to the restaurant is the church which facade in time of holidays is boldly decorated.

Lungogesso Papa Giovanni XXIII

12100 Cuneo

Taverna Belvedere Cuneo Italy

Osteria Decchio Borgo

This is the best restaurant in the city, according to TripAdvisor users. And yes, I can swear that here you will find not only the best food but also the friendliest and funniest staff you can imagine. 

Via Dronero, 8/b

tel: 0171 950609

12100 Cuneo


What to taste

  • white truffle of Alba
  • cuneesi with rum & torrone d’Alba – local desserts
  • batiur& mariur – cured meat

What to see

Cuneo Vecchia – old Cuneo

This is the most amazing part of the city, you can get easily lost in the small streets when looking at all the beautiful details on the facades, windows, small cafes and restaurants, windows of intriguing shops and small hidden yards.

San Francisco Convent & Church

This is the oldest church in Cuneo. Inside you will find the Civic Museum.

Beautiful villas: Villa Oldofredi TadiniVilla Tornaforte

4-Cuneo Italy

Where to stay

Best Western Hotel Principe & Hotel Palazzo Lovera 

Budget: Hotel Royal Superga, AirBnB, B&Bs 

Note: at a distance of around 50 km from Cuneo there is large choice of accommodations in castles. If you plan to stay around, check this possibility for more authentic experience.


Summer music festival in June

St. Michael, the town’s patron is celebrated on September 29th

Chestnut Fair in November

6-Cuneo Piemonte


Royal Castle of Racconigi

UNESCO heritage site, this castle was a residence of the House of Savoy.

Castle of Pollenzo

Pollenzo is gastronomic center and projects for slow food have been developed in the area.

Govone Castle

UNESCO heritage site.


Beautiful historical town, build on a hill overlooking the valley.


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