Eastern European Destination Ideas

best places to visit in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is an underrated destination. Little known and less popular than its Western sister, the eastern part of the continent is somewhat mysterious to many. Hopefully, this has changed for the better in the past years but Eastern Europe kept its authentic appearance even with the increase in the number of visitors.   These Eastern European destination ideas are to help you chose your starting point in exploring this part of the continent. 



Lviv is the largest city in the Western part of Ukraine and I consider it as the most beautiful one. There are a lot to be seen and done in the city: historical and art museums, modern life and beautiful architecture. Lviv offers the most cosmopolitan environment in all Ukraine.

best places to visit in Eastern Europe Lviv



Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and one of the places where I spend a lot of time when I’m not travelling. The city has one of the lowest cost of living levels in Europe and thus it is a desirable destination for many while providing an exciting historical and cultural environment to explore. Check these free activities for travellers.


best places to visit in Eastern Europe Sofia



Split is my favourite city in Croatia. In a big contrast with widely popular Dubrovnik, Split has all things that make Croatia dreamy destination – yacht ports, sea, and nice people – with one exception – tourist crowds. If you want to enjoy the city life in Croatia better go to Split.




best places to visit in Eastern Europe Sofia Split



One of the landmark places in Bosnia and Herzegovina and also sadly connected with the civil war from 1992-1994 (read the beautiful and romantic story by Nikolina Kulidzan about this period), Mostar today is rebuilt again. The city’s centre where the old town is located is amazing with its old bridge and cobbled stone streets.


best places to visit in Eastern Europe Mostar


Istanbul is one of the few members of a category of cities that have no analogue. You cannot compare Istanbul with any other place in the world and this already making it an absolutely must-visit even before knowing about its history and importance to the human civilization. In our days, its cosmopolitan atmosphere attracts many people.


best places to visit in Eastern Europe Istanbul



Plovdiv is different from the Bulgarian capital Sofia in many ways but the most important difference is the multicultural environment that was a very important factor in the past but also in our days. The Old Plovdiv area is one of the best places a foreigner can get lost in Bulgaria.


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best places to visit in Eastern Europe Plovdiv



Closely connected with the European and human history and culture, Athens always has been one of the attractive capitals of Europe. For me, I mostly enjoy its Mediterranean feel, with a lot of cafes and restaurants in the open air in the winter time and the leisurely lifestyle that the Athenians have.   


best places to visit in Eastern Europe Athens



Saint Petersburg in the Russian North is offering so many palaces, museums, galleries and gorgeous churches for a visit that a few days trip is not enough to see all of them. Even more, the amazing palaces like the ones in Tsarskoe Selo and Peterhof Palace need your special attention (for example, Peterhof is named the Russian Versailles which speaks enough for its beauty and historical importance).  


best places to visit in Eastern Europe Saint Petersburg



In Croatia, you can easily find a nice island to spend an amazing summer vacation. However, if you want to have fun, try going to Hvar. I named it the Croatian Saint Tropez but it is more than that – historical centre, amazing sea sunsets and good choice of beach party places. In summertime, Hvar is filled with young people from around the world who love to have fun. Join them!    


best places to visit in Eastern Europe Hvar Island



Cluj-Napoca is less know a big city in Romania and the capital of Transylvania. This is one of the most pleasant provincial cities of Europe. You will see many young people on the streets as Cluj is home to some important universities and you can try the delicious local cuisine influenced by the Hungarian traditions.  


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best places to visit in Eastern Europe Cluj-Napoka Transylvania


Moscow, similarly to other capitals of big empires, has its typical atmosphere that cannot be mistaken. The heart of Moscow – Kremlin and the Red Square is the place you should go at least once. Everything in Moscow, like in whole Russia, is ‘bolshoi’ (grand). The most important places that you should not miss to visit are the art museums.


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best places to visit in Eastern Europe Moscow


These are just some of the many cities in Eastern Europe that worth your time and money.  They are just places that I have visited or have been living in for a while. 


best places to visit in Eastern Europe Pinterest



Have you been to Eastern Europe? 

What is your favourite place in this part of the world?


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