10 Ideas for Easy Summer Travel Style

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“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”- Leonardo da Vinci

There are many styles to help you improve your summer look but when travelling we need to keep it simple and easily achievable. Capsule wardrobe became very popular but I don’t like to be limited to one colour scheme. That’s why I like to keep my style basic but to improve it with some personal touch and small details. When a woman is travelling, her comfort is the most important and the style is just the pleasure of playing with colours, materials and patterns.


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 I can imagine that you like me want stress-free travel with lightweight luggage but staying true to your personal style. Look at these 10 ideas for easy summer travel style and play with them to achieve easy yet stylish travel look. I will be happy if you share some of your own style secrets in the comments!  




#1 Easy Summer Travel Style:

Wear a Classic Cotton Dress


Classic cotton dress in romantic style: this dress is made for comfort in the hot summers. The cotton fabric covers your skin with a soft touch and does not allow your body to perspire. The material is hygienic and the colours are light and easily fitting many styles of shoes. The length offers you an added comfort of movement and the style is good for almost any occasion – from an afternoon walk along the Sicilian seaside to a garden party.


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#2 Easy Summer Travel Style:

Jump in the Jumpsuit


The jumpsuits are a great choice for summer travel. In this particular case, I did an experiment by using an old original fabric from Africa.  The bold colours make this outfit different and the silk fabric makes it pleasant to wear. Do your own experiments; try jumpsuits or rompers in different fabrics and colours.




#3 Easy Summer Travel Style:



A simple pair of accessories can change your whole look. It’s not necessary to wear expensive ones, especially if you are afraid that they can be stolen.  But if you use a bold colour that fits with your clothes, you add a focal point and the look becomes more interesting.


4-Oversized purse-easy-summer-travel-style


#4 Easy Summer Travel Style:

An Oversized Purse


The oversized purse is your best friend for travel in Europe. You can still be stylish, to add some colours to your outfit but also to keep all necessary stuff with you during the day.


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The purse on the picture is my favourite for city walks (I even keep my photo gear in it) but also for long-haul flights because it is a bit shapeless and can fit many items in different shapes. You can use a purse organizer to keep the order of your stuff and make it easy to find things on the go. 




#5 Easy Summer Travel Style:

Details are Important


The devil is in the details! Improve your outfits with a simple touch. It can be statement jewellery, fabric flower, fashionable sunglasses, or a hat. Add one detail that attracts the attention. Keep the design uncomplicated because the beauty is in the simplicity. In this way, you can make any casual outfit looks more intriguing.

I chose this outfit for my walk in Trinidad, Cuba because the flower made me feel more “Caribbean” like.


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I chose this outfit for my walk in Trinidad, Cuba because the flower made me feel more “Caribbean” like.


6-Hand fan to keep you refreshed in Versailles


#6 Easy Summer Travel Style:

Practical Accessories


A ladies fan can be very useful accessory when exploring the city. During the hot months when you want to explore as much as you can but the temperatures make you feel weak, this simple and elegant item is life-saver. Thanks to this fan I could enjoy my visit to the Versailles Palace which was crowded with tourists and the air seemed not enough for everybody.





#7 Easy Summer Travel Style:

Crisp Colours

It is possible to improve a very casual, leisure outfit by using clothes in crisp colours. A simple top and shorts ensemble for your Sicilian summer can be much better looking if one of the pieces is representing the sea colours in graphical shapes.




#8 Easy Summer Travel Style:

Add Sequins


At first, during the packing for my travel to Cuba, I had doubts what are the best clothes to take with me. Not because of weather conditions but because I didn’t want to exaggerate with the style. In, Europe we have a much more developed sense of style and in Cuba the life (respectively the fashion) is simpler. And yet, it is important to stay true to yourself. That’s why I just added top with a bit sequins to make my grey attire more interesting.




#9 Easy Summer Travel Style:

Jeans + Black T-shirt



The classic Levis jeans and black t-shirt will be always fashionable choice. Do I need to say more?




#9 Easy Summer Travel Style:

Jeans + Black T-shirt


“A woman with good shoes is never ugly”. It is Coco Chanel who said that and we don’t have a reason to doubt her words! You should choose carefully your travel shoes, they should be very comfortable as you will wear them almost 20 hours per day (I believe you hardly find time to sleep when travelling). But also find a pair that is chic and have some summer colours so that their look gives you additional holiday mood.


What’s your favourite travel fashion style?

10 Ideas for Easy Summer Travel Style



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