Learn from These 8 Countries How to Eat Right

Improve Your Life with These Healthy Eating Tips

In every country where I have resided for a long time, I have tried to learn from the local people the best that their culture has to offer. I have mostly appreciated the practical lessons that I have received. And they most often can be expressed through eating and drinking habits. You can learn how to eat right from the people in every country you visit. 

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do

 I’ll paraphrase: “In Rome, eat as the Romans eat.” Here are some examples of these lessons concerning the food that have changed my lifestyle and my perception of life in general:

1 – Ethiopia 

 I’ve always loved coffee, but in Ethiopia I have become what is called a ‘coffee snob’.

From any market in the country you can buy fresh, not roasted and not grounded coffee. Ethiopian women roast small quantity of coffee, equal to the amount they need at the moment, ground it and prepare the drink just before being served. Thus, the coffee you drink not only has retained its strong aroma and taste, but also the process of its preparation adds to the pleasure of the senses. The healthy take on this is that your coffee does not have any additives, preservatives, colorants or any other harmful substances that are often found in the products in our days.

You can use this simple coffee preparation at home by sticking to the traditional methods and using Italian Moka pot, French press, and Turkish coffee pot. Forget about any instant coffee!

coffee French press

2 – France 

The main lesson French people taught me was: do not miss meals and eat a varied food! The French people eat everything (as we have heard, even frog legs). Probably this is one of the reasons for their good state of health, but I believe it is also to the well developed sports culture in France. As they themselves say:

“In the morning eat like a king, at lunch like a bourgeois, and in the evening as a beggar!”

how to eat right France

3 – Romania 

Game meat + berry sauce = deliciousness!

In the northwestern part of Romania the population is from Hungarian ethnic origin. Therefore, not only their language and religion are different, but also their cuisine. Definitely worth the experiment, even for people who do not like to mix sweet with salty taste. The game meat usually has no fat and much healthier than any other meat you buy from the supermarket. The berry sauce is light and gives the meat crisp taste.

4 –  Italy

There are several lessons Italians can teach you about healthy eating and lifestyle. Here are some of them:

– Regular consumption of sea food is the best way to keep your body young;

– Cappuccino – only until noon! The milk contained in the cappuccino, is not to be consumed after a meal, because it cannot be digested well by the body; that’s why it is most preferable to be consumed at breakfast time.

– The homemade olive oil is valuable as gold. Friend from Italy gave me a bottle of olive oil from domestic production. It is so different and much better quality than the olive oil in the stores. Because of that I wish my bottle of olive oil to be like the wine from the Bible – enough forever for everyone!


5 – Bulgaria 

Although other countries have claims on the origin of the yogurt, the Japanese people have long been aware of the Lactobacillus bulgaricus – the heart of this highly useful product. The stores worldwide provide many products under the name yoghurt that have nothing to do with the original. The Bulgarians for centuries and in the most rudimentary way make yogurt at home. All they need is – milk, yeast and blankets!  

The yogurt can be used in many different ways and its benefits are numerous. Eat yogurt in a healthy afternoon snack, use it as a facial mask or use its hydrating properties for curing sunburn.  

6 – Greece 

When  in Greece, do like the Greeks do:

— eat Greek salad because of its splendid freshness and soft taste

— taste Gavros fish, because they are small and crunchy after frying

— accompany the above with French fries, because it goes very well with the fish

– In summer, have a Greek frappe, which can be described as an iced coffee cocktail

Whatever you decide to order in the restaurant menu, everything will be tasty and healthy. The traditional Greek cuisine is one of the healthier in the world and as every Mediterranean cuisine is based on fresh vegetables and seafood.  

how to eat right - seafood

7 – Ukraine 

It’s where I learned how to eat properly during the winter, so I can be healthy and protected from the zero temperatures. Food products extremely useful for this season are:

 – Green tea – good not only because of its high level of antioxidants, but also very good for digestion, so you can drink it immediately after a meal, preferably without sugar;

– Buckwheat – the most nutritious food for low-calorie diet in winter. You have to get used to the unusual taste, due to the high content of iron in it. In addition, it contains also calcium, magnesium, zinc, and many other useful substances.

– Beetroot – is high in iodine, iron and many other vitamins and trace elements. Very useful in treatment of anemia, cleanses the body and helps the work of stomach. In the Ukrainian cuisine you can find a lot of recipes on the basis of this valuable vegetable.

– Lard – despite the constantly overflowing information convincing us that we should avoid fat animal products, the lard is very popular in Ukraine. Often is mixed with garlic and salt and dab on toast. Ukrainians believe that lard even purifies the body from radiation!

– Vodka! Panacea – when you suffer from cold, drink it mixed with ground black pepper; if you have sunburn – soothes the skin.

 8 – Turkey 

Sweets! Ah, those Turkish sweets! They embody the pleasure in life! Turks are great masters of the pastries, especially of those with syrup. If you go to Turkey, definitely try baklava or kadaif or any other sweet that you can find on place. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Why I include these pure sugar products? They are not healthy and definitely not some to be consumed on regular basis. Let’s face it! The life is to be lived with pleasure and to seek the happiness in every moment. To please yourself with pastries from time to time will not make you add weight but will bring a little bliss to your life. The point is to consume it moderately.   

how to eat right - Turkish pastries

I think there is abundance of culinary wisdom in the world and I’m continuing to look for it! Please comment and share your experience. I’m sure many of you have also a lot to tell about this subject.  Bon appétit!


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