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Where to Go and What to Eat

Food is an important reason why people travel. Some people travel for beaches and sun, others to eat. I am a person who enjoys everything in moderation. And as there are bloggers that have been blogging about and tasting the food around the world more than I do, I asked them for help me to list the destinations with best food. They had to answer the question:

“Which, according to you, is the best destination for foodies and why?”

These are their answers that I hope will help you decide where you want to travel next. Foodie or not, it is always pleasure to have a nicely looking and enticingly smelling food at front of you which taste leaves you with a life-long memories. Dig in the world of the best gastronomic destinations!

1 – Destination: Malta

The Maltese islands might not spring to mind when thinking of a foodie trip, you’re more likely to head for nearby Italy but Malta and Gozo turned out to be one of the best gastronomic experiences of my travelling life. Everything is really hearty, like the best quality comfort food you’ve ever had. Undoubtedly Mediterranean but with North African influences. Delicious locally produced wine, fresh baked bread, olives and just-caught seafood wet the palate, but the sundried tomato paste and famous Bigilia broad bean dip steal the show.

Shared by: Nadia from The Daily Self

Diar il Bniet Photo by Nadia El Ferdaoussi

2 – Destination: Malaysia 

 Penang has long been recognized as one of the best gastronomic destinations in the world, thanks to the fact that it is a big melting-pot for different cultures in Malaysia! And typical to this historical port (Malacca is another good example), Penang cuisine is heavily influenced by the Peranakan culture (locals call them “Baba Nyonya”). From cute colorful Peranakan sweets called “Kuih” to the national favorite “Nasi Lemak”, Penang definitely will not disappoint. Some really famous food typical to Penang are Assam Laksa, Penang Rojak and Red Prawns Noodle (“Hokien Mee”). My personal favorite is Cendol on Penang Street. It is a refreshing bowl of rice flour jelly topped with shaved ice in a delightful mixture of palm sugar and coconut milk.      

Shared by: Vivian from Miss Happy Feet

Vivian from Miss Happy Feet

3 –   Destination: Greece  

If you’re looking for some serious food porn, look no further than Greece. The birthplace of democracy is also the cradle of some seriously good food – think classic Mediterranean with Eastern European touches – add some ouzo with honey to your meal and you’re sorted! Whether you’re in Santorini or in Thessaloniki, you can find delicious food anywhere in the country. Avoid tourist traps – I usually go for the most unassuming little tavernas for that authentic taste.  As for what to try – oh love, taste everything! Opt for the fresh fish if you’re by the sea, indulge in a gyros if it’s the middle of the night and you’re slightly tipsy (whoops), and don’t forget the moussaka! I could go on and on about Greek food, so I’ll just say this: Greece is the one place that made me fall in love with salad. Yes, salad. If that won’t convince you to visit, nothing will.

^ A mouthwatering Greek salad with feta cheese, walnuts and honey. Yum!

Shared by: Desiree from Theanti Tourist  

best gastronomic destinations- Desiree

4 – Destination: India

India is my top choice for food lovers, and even more, for vegetarians. This the only places on the planet where there is an entire subcontinent of food intended to taste good without meat. The flavors of the food are complex and interesting, and the country is so large that each region has its own specialties worth hunting down and eating.

Shared by: Shannon from A Little Drift


5 – Destination: Mexico

For the dedicated foodies of the world, Tijuana, Mexico is an opportunity tocelebrate life with your palate.  Blessed with a growing microbrewery scene, a delicate mix of traditional and fusion trained chefs, access to the bounties of the sea and land, and a local following that keeps the professionals experimenting and creative, Tijuana offers a delicious meal for any and every sensitivity.  In one single, delicious and fulfilling day you can wake up to chilaquiles prepared from a local grandmothers recipe, stop and eat some tostilocos for a light snack after an outing, enjoy lunch from the freshly caught local seafood, in the form of an eclectic ceviche tostada or fish tacos and after enjoying a concert at the cecut cultural center, end the day having dinner served in a rustic cellar or a lavishly decorated restaurant while tasting the succulent pork rinds or flautas de machaca. Tijuana is a foodies paradise with more to offer than most realize. We should know! We spent five months eating out and enjoying it’s gastronomic genius and still didn’t manage to visit every place on our “to eat” list.

Shared by: Magaly and her family from Border Free Adventures

best gastronomic destinations-Magaly

6 – Destination: France

For me France is the place for best food in the world. I know some people think that it is overrated culinary destination and yes, there are many other places where you can dive in a gastronomic adventure for much less money but … France has traditions. And the French people know how to make good food from early age. They learn to do so from early age.  How I know that? From my husband. He is able to do any simple dish delicious with very few ingredients, something that I will probably not be able to do in this lifetime.

The misconception that French cuisine is overrated probably comes from the bad experiences many people have with the restaurants in the tourist areas. If you want to eat well, ask the locals where they go. Or just follow the crowd.

The French cuisine is also diverse. Because of the colonial past and the natural inclination of French people to indulge themselves, they have learned and adopted the best tricks and ingredients from the foreign cuisines into their traditions.

For that reason you can’t be disappointed by food in France if you know where and what to eat. Chose from the crispy freshly baked croissants, Moroccan or Tunisian couscous, Mediterranean seafood or traditional Provencal dishes full of veggies and meat.

Shared by: Me aka When Woman Travels

best gastronomic destinationsFrance

What is for you the best gastronomic destination?

Is it one of the above or you can add some more to this list? 

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