Girls Getaway in GREECE

girls getaways in greece
Are you looking for ideas for travels with friends? Where to go, what to do? A girls getaway in Greece can be exactly what you are looking for! 




We let our daily duties to families, husbands, children, and employers behind us and went back in time to our early teen years when our childhood was not quite finished and our female maturity was not awakened yet. Dressed in our beautiful dresses we laughed, did photo shoots, joked with the few Casanova on the beach, and drank wine under the clear sky…. But mostly relaxed and enjoyed the sun and the sea.



Girls Getaway in GREECE – Where were we?


In a small village named Kriopigi, which is located in the middle of the first “finger” of Halkidiki – Kassandra. I had not visited Greece for a long time and this trip refreshed my memories. The place is full of cute little cottages and the beach is on pedestrian distance. The best feature of the village was that the houses and hotels are fully surrounded by greenery.



Where to stay


The hotel is called Gi Ga Mar and is owned by a local family with two young children. From the moment of our arrival, we felt at home and well cared for. Gaby, the owner, is always smiling and ready to help with information. Her pieces of advice for restaurants, shops and beaches were consistently accurate hits. She also speaks English and German with ease. The rooms are clean and spacious, equipped with kitchenette, and most of them have spectacular views. Car parking is free and there is an internet connection in the lobby.


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There are many spots in the garden arranged with tables to sit for a dinner or a drink. Our favourite spot was the terrace, which was originally planned to be a bar, but now almost no one uses. At the evenings, with a glass of cold white wine, we were enjoying the crisp air and the sky full of stars. We’re just worried that our unbridled laughter (it was caused by the wine or/and the pleasant company) can interfere with the rest of the other guests. Well, no one complained … even when some of us danced salsa on the terrace.


Kriopigi-the terrace

Where to go for dinner


Thanks to the guidance of Gaby from the day first the dinner was amazing. The name of the village is Siviri and the restaurant is “Diamantis”. The clients were mostly Greeks, companies of 5-10 persons. Here and there among them were the tourists. The food is very tasty, the prices decent and the specialities are of course Greek salad and seafood. The wine was fresh as well as the watermelon slices. We were an attraction for all because our feminine ringing laughter resounded all over the place.


The only table with only women clients. I guess because we were giving a special feminine mood to the place that evening we’ve got compliments from the restaurant – traditional Mastica liqueur in small cups for good digestion. Another restaurant worth mentioning is the restaurant with the parrot in Athitos. It is a preferred place because of its nice atmosphere and prompt service.




What is the most interesting


  • It was curious how a company of four women alone enjoying their seaside vacation is perceived in Greece. What I and my friends have noticed is that in Greece, at least in this part of the country, it is not usual for women alone to have a vacation on the sea. All other women were with their families or partners, or mixed company with friends. This was strange for us because in Bulgaria it is an absolutely common sight.




  • Beaches. The Aegean Sea delighted us with pleasantly warm and medium salt water. The sand on the beaches was not very fine but rather stony. We especially loved the beach of Glarokavos which is occupied by a beach bar with comfortable lounges and disgusting service. The unkindness of local waiters could not spoil our mood – the view is unique, and the feeling is (especially at 9 am, when the beach is empty) like finding some exotic island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


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  • The soaps made with olive oil. In several places, we saw shops selling local products, mainly olive oil, olives, spices, some pastry. We mostly liked the soaps with olive oil, which were packed in a kit with fridge magnets representing images of the Greek gods. Good gift for friends and family members! And cost only € 2.





  • The earthquake. On August 22, I woke up at 5:45 before sunrise. Later, while reading on the terrace, I felt the first tremor. That day we felt 3-4 quakes, each was stronger than the previous one. Even the sea was angry that day. The buildings in Cassandra are mostly low and although the earthquake was 5 on the Richter scale didn’t cause a lot of damages. However, I will remember this experience because it taught me to trust my own inner feeling.




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What are the places you like to visit with your friends? What’s your next destination? Would you consider a girls getaway in Greece?


girls getaway in Greece


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