3 Healthy Smoothies to Help You Recover After a Trip

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Fruit Healthy Smoothies Recipes

These three recipes for healthy smoothies will help your body recover from a trip.

Do you feel as you are overeating every time you travel? Or that you always end up eating junk food no matter how much you try not to. I surely do! Although I like to taste local food, when I come back home, I switch to my usual eating style with a certain pleasure.

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My daily diet includes a lot if fruits and veggies but sometimes I lack imagination and knowledge how to variegate my food.  Hopefully, I have friends who know more than me about healthy eating. They are Vicky and Peter from Sunrising Life and shared with me these healthy smoothie recipes. Peter is a professional photograph; Vicky is an artist who loves Mathematics. Visit their blog for more healthy eating tips and ideas about travel in Bulgaria.

SMOOTHIE WITH STRAWBERRIEShealthy smoothies-Strawberry smoothie healthy smoothies-Strawberry smoothie

Probably the most delightful smoothie you will ever taste! Here’s how to do it:


3 pears
3 bananas
300 gr. strawberries
2 tablespoon tahini

Cut all products and place them in a blender. Add a smile, a few positive thoughts and a pinch of love. As Vicky and Peter say, it is a very important ingredient. Mix all in the blender and serve decorated with strawberries to your liking.


healthy smoothies-peach smoothie (1) healthy smoothies-peach smoothie (3)

This is very good option for a healthy smoothie for breakfast. The combination of peach and pear gives a lot of flavor and sweetness.


2 bananas
4 peaches
2 pears
1 tablespoon honey
2 tablespoon sesame tahini

Cut all products in pieces and mix in a blender. Enjoy the smoothie breakfast and appreciate the moment.


healthy fruit smoothies 4

This smoothie can be made all year round. Isn’t it good to begin the day with a ‘fresh start’?

2 apples
2 oranges
1 banana
5 strawberries
Some sprig of parsley
2 tablespoon of tahini

Mix in a blender and enjoy the morning.

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healthy smoothies-peach smoothie (2)

In case you are wondering if you should drink smoothies for breakfast, especially for a long period of time, there are different opinions about that. However, I think that nothing bad can happen if you have a healthy smoothie for breakfast from time to time. They can be especially good in days when you know you will not have time for proper lunch.

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That’s why, after a trip during which you have added few kilos and feel heavy or not easy with your stomach, it is good to have smoothies during the first week. Like that, you will reduce the calories but also compensate the reduced consumption of fruits and vegetables during the trip. Because let’s be honest – we eat mostly baked and fast foods when on the road. How can we refuse those delicious croissants? We are not every day in France, right?

And to back my opinion, here are some articles discussing the drinking healthy smoothies and whether they are good or bad for your body.

Should I Drink Smoothies? – Time magazine

Are Smoothies Good or Bad? – Center of Nutrition Studies


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How do you recover after overeating during travel? Do you have special recipes that you use every time during your post-trip recovery period?

2 Comments on “3 Healthy Smoothies to Help You Recover After a Trip

  1. Smoothies are by my far my favourite breakfast. I consume them every single day.

    I love travelling really – the only thing I don’t like about it is that I cannot have my lovely smoothies then.

    Cheers 🙂

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