Hotel Kasbah Zitoune, Ouarzazate

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During our trip to Morocco, we have stayed in several hotels and guest houses and one of them was Kasbah Zitoune in Ouarzazate. In this way, we had the chance to experience the Moroccan hospitality. I hope that this hotel review, as well as others that I will write in the future, will give a good guideline for choosing an accommodation and will help you with your own trip planning. In Ouarzazate, we stayed at Hotel Kasbah Ziroune, a place with the rustic charm of the Moroccan countryside. 

Kasbah Zitoune reception desk

Morocco is well developed touristic country and provides a large choice of accommodations. The best options, however, are not the traditionally owned by large companies hotels but the medium and small sized guest houses owned by French people which give to the facilities additional charm and creates better service quality.


hotel kasbah zitoune ouarzazate

Such example is hotel Kasbah Zitoune in Ouarzazate. Situated not far from the main road, this beautiful guest house represents the traditions in the country. From the architecture to the meals served in the restaurant, all details have the enigmatic appeal of the Moroccan culture. The rooms are spacious and even if they look a little bit rustic, the materials used in the construction and furnishings are natural. The bathrooms are comfortable and charming. The rooms are arranged around the inner court and have terraces facing the desert and Atlas Mountains in the far distance.  The inner court provides a beautiful scene for drinking of afternoon tea or morning breakfast. The reception desk is situated right at the entrance and gives you the impression that you are very important and wanted guest. The owner, French lady married to a local man, welcomes the guests and helps them with information about the area and possibilities for entertainment. The other members of the staff are also very helpful and kind. The food which is served upon request is delicious and locally produced. Additionally, to all mentioned, you can get free Wi-Fi connection in the lobby facing the reception desk, but be prepared for slow and difficult connection.

Kasbah Zitoune inner court

In hotel Kasbah Zitoune the guest feels appreciated and served with care. The overall impression of the hotel is about clean and spacious rooms, tasty food and friendly service. The surroundings are picturesque because of the olive gardens and the Atlas Mountains on the horizon. In Ouarzazate, there is an international airport. The UNESCO-listed world heritage site Ait Benhaddou Kasbah is nearby and it was used for shooting of films such as Gladiator and more recent Prince of Persia.  Not far from the guest house are situated the Atlas Film Studios which are opened for tour visits. Unfortunately, we stayed just one night in Kasbah Zitoune and didn’t have time to visit these sights. But we liked the place and definitely, if we go back one day, will stay again in this guest house.

hotel Kasbah Zitoune room

Kasbah Zitoune_shower_bathroom

Kasbah Zitoune inner court

hotel Kasbah Zitoune architectural details

Kasbah Zitoune facade details

Kasbah Zitoune women working in the garden


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