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13 Ways to Revive Your Travel Inspiration

It is difficult sometimes to keep your travel inspiration alive because you start to feel comfortable staying at home with everyday comfort and people you know from years.

The point is that you want to continue to discover the world but it is difficult to start again, from the beginning, every next trip. If you are part-time traveler (and most of us are) each time you take the road it is like you start doing everything from the beginning. You need to make your research, to plan and organize transportation, accommodation and activities; to consider the sensitive points of your trip.

And the morning when you have to wake up early to take the flight, you feel excited for the new adventure but also overwhelmed by the challenges that awaits you.

To forget about all the practical problems of travel and focus only on the exciting part of it I use some ways to keep myself motivated and to give boost to my travel inspiration. Here they are listed and I hope you will have an idea what you can do to stay “hungry” for travel in the periods when you actually stay at home.

But don’t limit yourself, be creative in the ways to make your soul dreaming of faraway lands and try what works best for you.

Watching Movies and TV Series

I love watching movies but in the last years the tv series become very good in telling stories and featuring particular places. You can learn a lot from some of these series about the places and its particular lifestyle. And you most probably will end up like me dreaming of visiting Guadeloupe and St. John’s, Newfoundland.  

Reading Books

It is not necessary these books to be specifically on travel theme. One of the last novels I have read was “The Light between Oceans” from the author M. L. Stedman. It is a love story from Australia and we can say that the lighthouse is the main character in the book. But reading the personal story, there is a lot to learn about the history of Australia and I personally started to understand better the country and its people as I have learned a lot for their past.

Some of the books that I recommend you include:

Africa Trek I – From the Cape of Good Hope to Mount Kilimanjaro”  & “Africa Trek II – From Mount Kilimanjaro to the Sea of Galilee” of the authors Alexandre and Sonia Poussin

The Collector of Worlds” written by the Bulgarian-German writer Ilija Trojanov

L’amant de Patagonie” of the French sailor, navigator and writer Isabelle Autissier (the book is French and I found it translated only in Spanish; hope soon will be translated in English too because it is amazing read and its author really inspiring traveller)

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Creating Objects with Your Travel Photographs

From long time I was looking for a way to share my travel stories in other forms than writing. And I found it! The first collection of t-shirts is well on the way. The colorful prints, for which I use photos I have made during my trips, are original way to remind all of us that the world is amazing and its beauty awaits us if we don’t forget to dream; to dream big.

Here is one of the t-shirts from the upcoming collection, featuring Africa.  

In the same way you can create photo collages with photos or postcards from trips and to decorate your home or office with them.

Listening to Ethno Music

You will all agree with me that music can affects our mood and helps us to create the atmosphere we want. I have some amazing albums from around the world that I listen from time to time when I want to remember my stay in Africa, for example. You can find inspiration really easily. Check YouTube for the music you want or buy some albums you really like. My favorites include the albums of Ismael Lo from Senegal, Music of the Andes, music from Venezuela and Cuba as well as traditional Chinese music.

Leafing the Geographic Encyclopedias at Home

If you are travel lover there is a big chance you have at home encyclopedic books like “Discovering the Wonders of our World” of Reader’s Digest or similar. When you are looking for new, unique place you want to visit, you can open one of these books and you will have well concise information and visual stimulus to travel the world.

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Preparing Traditional Drinks at Home

There is many ways to drink your coffee and tea; and they are very easy to implement. With each method you transport yourself in another world. Try making Italian coffee at home, or Turkish, or any other way you have learned during your travels. You can also prepare Japanese matcha tea or Moroccan mint tea. There are many ways to use your palate to provoke wanderlust. Why not to refresh those sweet memories from your trip to Cuba with pina colada or mojito cocktails?

Cooking Traditional Dishes

I will be straightforward. I’m not good cook. I don’t have the patience that it takes. But I like trying new things and so I learn and cook traditional meals, from time to time. I make my Ukrainian borscht in winter and Mediterranean cuisine in summer; Havana eggs sometimes when I start feeling melancholic about Cuba; and I plan to make some Moroccon tajine when I have the time. Will let you know how it went and share the recipe for tajine a la Berber, my favorite dish from Morocco.  

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Use Ethnic Elements in Your Clothing

It is very easy to include some ethnic or boho details in your daily outfits, especially in summer when the colours we use are much more and strong.

Often we, as women, buy jewellery pieces that we find in markets all around the world. Why are we so tempted to buy these decorative pieces? Well, because they are unique. And so it is your own style. Mix and match your outfit details until you find the perfect combo that represents you well. I wrote in the past some posts about earrings and necklaces from around the globe, you may check them for ideas.

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Keep in Touch with Friends All Over the World

Probably the most important advice I can give you. Keep in touch, care for their wellbeing, and ask for news. I am always amazed how people tend to disconnect with people who are not physically around them. Even with people that they feel very close and know from childhood. Why you should forget a person who was very important in your life in certain period just because he/she moved to live somewhere else? It is even the opposite. Don’t you think that they need your emotional support to create new life and not to feel alone at the new place?

When you are wondering about how is their life there, you find yourself thinking about visiting the place in the future. And I can say from experience, the best way to visit a place is to visit friend. There is no better guides that your friends!

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Decorate Your Home with Travel Finds

The best part of the –post-trip period (at least for me) is when I arrange my new travel finds around my home. When I walk around in my home I see: rug and desk lamp from Ethiopia; beautiful tablecloths from France and Ukraine; wooden jewelry box from Romania; oil painting from Greece; pottery from Turkey and many other small objects. (post with details and photos will follow soon).

All these travel treasures make my home unique but also don’t let me forget about the amazing colorful world that is waiting for me outside the comfortable and safe nest that is my home.

As Steve Job’s said: “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” Never feel too cozy at home, continue trying to discover what’s outside your small world.   

Write about Your Travels

Even if you are not interested or do not have time to maintain a blog, write. Even if you don’t plan to share it with anyone else, write. Consider this writing like something that you would like to be part of your memoirs one day when you will be enough old and experienced to share your story with the world.

And even if your writing is never shared with the public in some form, you can always open your notebook and read it and you will remember all those small details from your travels that are so easy to be forgotten but are the essence of all your experiences.

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Look at the Design Books

The design books are great source of inspiration. There are some that feature particular style (I like the Taschen’s books – Moroccan or Mexican interior styles) and there are others like “Cozy Hotels” that show amazing classic hotels through high quality photographs. All these types of books give you an idea and make you dream of all those amazing places where you can stay (such as Moroccan riads or small French castles) during your trips.

Learn Languages or Maintain those You Already Know

Always try to read books and watch movies in their original language. For me this includes English (that is not my mother tongue), French, Russian and Italian. Although the latter one I more enjoy listening than I can really understand.

Why I tell you that? Because by reading and listening (in the times when you cannot train speaking the language) you not only improve your skills but also have real feel of the mentality, culture and life philosophy of the people in the country. It is impossible to understand the French jokes or the Italian romantic harangue from subtitles because the intonation and the gestures as well as the words used have particular meaning that is not possible to be translated.

Can you add some more ways to keep the travel inspiration alive during the periods when you don’t travel?

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  1. So true. Our home is decorated with the many pieces of art we have found while travelling. Those pieces keep my travel memories alive and remind me how lucky I am to have been to the many places I have visited.

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