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Hvar – the Party Island of Croatia

Hvar is an island in Croatia that attracts mostly the young people. It is a popular party destination on the Dalmatian coast. But even if you are not a party-girl, Hvar Island can offer you an incredibly spent summer time. Check my tips on this Hvar Island travel guide.   

Hvar view from the top

A decade ago, the island was not very known to tourists. But today, many tourists come here with their boats or by the numerous ferries. The island is 50 km long and if you come with a vehicle you can make a tour. Unlike my favorite Korcula Island, Hvar in summer is noisy and crowded. 

Hvar Island travel tips

There is a variety of entertainment activities. You can make a tour around the islands by boat or go to the beach on one of the islands nearby. For the more courageous tourists, there are bike tours that go around the whole island. To me, they seemed impossible in the June heat (the temperature that day reached 36 degrees Celsius).

Hvar Island Travel guide

Renting a 4×4 vehicle with a driver who can show you the beautiful views around the town of Hvar is also very popular. Of course, all this has a price that you have to consider if you travel on a budget. Because of its popularity as a party destination (think about the many Italians coming here for this reason), Hvar Island is not a cheap destination.

Hvar Island Travel Guide: When to Travel


The small port of Drvenik

Sucuraj port

Sucuraj Port

The tourist season starts from Easter and continues until October. June and September are the best time to visit because it’s still not crowded, the prices are not at their peak and the weather allows you to sleep in a tent (if you want) and swim in the Adriatic Sea.  Click here to see the map

Hvar Island Travel Guide: Getting There 

Ferry from Drvenik to Cukuraj

Ferry from Drvenik to Cukuraj

As I mentioned, the island is 50 kilometers long and there are three ferry ports. One is located in the heart of the town of Hvar and offers a high-speed connection from Split and Dubrovnik for pedestrian passengers. You can find more information and buy tickets online at their website – krilo.hr 

The port of the Old Town also offers a connection with the city of Split. During the summer period, there is a ferry every three hours, and a ticket for a car with two passengers for one direction costs about 70 euros.

Hvar Island travel advice

The third port, which we used, offers the best price and opportunity for sightseeing. It is located at the other end of the island, about 50 km from the town of Hvar. It will take no more than one hour to reach the town, but you can see the island and get an idea of the life of its inhabitants. You will see the rural Hvar. The price for a one-way trip from Drvenik (on the continent) to the port of Sucuraj is 25 euros for a car with two passengers.

Hvar Island Travel Guide: Where to Stay

Guest house in Hvar

The guest house of Jagoda and Ante Bracanovic

There is a large choice of accommodations. There are campings in nature, including for nudists. There are guest houses and hotels with a different standard.

We stayed at the guest house of Jagoda (the name means Strawberry) and Ante Brakanovich. The old woman with this sweet name will welcome you with a smile, will help you with any information you may need, you will be accommodated in a perfectly cleaned room!

The apartments have a kitchen and everything you need for a longer stay. Free Internet can be used on the common terrace. The prices are very affordable and lower than the ones of many other guest houses. The guest house has parking places (parking is a big problem in the town) and it is situated only a few minutes walk from the city center.

Here are the contact details and more information:

Phone: 00385 21 741 416  /  Mobile: 00385 91 520 3796

e-mail: virgilye@yahoo.com /  website: http://hvar-jagoda.com/

Their website has a lot of information not only about the accommodation but also offer practical information about the island, transportation, etc.

Hvar Island Travel Guide: Where to Eat  

restaurant Divino, Hvar

Restaurant Divino

Restaurants in Hvar, in general, are all similar but still have some differences in the type of food served, view/atmosphere and prices, of course.

Since I have stayed on the island one night (unfortunately) I was able to try the services of only one restaurant. My preliminary research for restaurant Divino showed that it is the perfect place for gourmet food lovers in Hvar. And since I’m such, I blackmailed my husband to have a dinner there during our one evening on the island. 

restaurant Divino, Hvar

The location is wonderful; offers a beautiful sea view and it is nicely cool at evening. The service is of a high standard and I definitely felt the chef’s elusive presence not only in the taste of the meals. As for the food, you must be really open to trying new and different things, because it has its own characteristics. The delicious food is prepared with fresh and high-quality products, but do not expect to find here the usual meals. Embark on the adventure of discovery! And be willing to pay a solid amount for this.

The restaurant is very popular, so if you want to dine here, you have to book in advance. They begin to serve at 19 p.m.

There are other places where you can dine. On the main square as well as in the small streets there are many nice restaurants. Unfortunately, I can’t give you advice on them because I didn’t have the opportunity to taste their dishes and review the service.

Hvar Island Travel Guide: Where to Party 

The most famous bar is Carpe Diem and is very popular among young students and playboys. You can see some of the most famous DJs here, drink champagne, flirt and everything else what is required for a classy party ….. right up until dawn.

However, some visitors consider this nightclub as overrated and too expensive. So if you have time check also some other places like Lola Bar and Central Park club.

Hvar Island Travel Guide: What to See


Town of Jelsa

Besides the town of Hvar, Stari Grad is also interesting. But I advise you if you have a limited time better stop in Jelsa. The town is much quieter than Hvar, but also has a lovely little harbor around which are arranged restaurants and cafes. In the hot afternoon, ice cream display case looks very attractive and a bowl of ice cream under the umbrella of a coffee shop makes wonders for your body (and soul!). 

In Jelsa

Even more, Jelsa has the best beach in the vicinity and tourists in Hvar town often come here. The other beaches are either outside the town of Hvar and can only be reached on foot or on the opposite islands for which you naturally need a boat.

The Island of Hvar is a multi-polar world. Can satisfy all desires for entertainment and at the same time can make you feel like part of a Mediterranean culture that rules these rocks for a millennium. This is the charm of Hvar – history and contemporary entertainment in the same place. At least that was my feeling. Do you have any impressions of other notable islands in Croatia?


This Hvar Island travel guide shows you how to travel to the island on a tight budget and enjoy the place on a short break. 

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